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#2547: Appliances!

So I emptied the sink and filled the dishwasher, put a tab of detergent in the dispenser, and turned it on.

When it was done, I saw that the soap tab had not dissolved; it had fallen onto the inside of the main door. I checked the operation of the latch that holds the detergent in its receptacle until it's time for it to be released; it operated correctly and the door didn't stick. Figuring I'd just goofed up somehow, I cleaned up the semi-molten tab, put in another tab and ran the cycle again.

Same result.

Carefully examined the detergent receptacle and the operation of the latch and door. It wasn't sticking; the receptacle door was open when I opened the main door. The solenoid that released the receptacle door was obviously not the problem. Figuring it was a fluke, I cleaned up the partly-dissolved detergent tab, put another tab in, and ran the cycle a third time.

Same result.

...sighing, I cleaned up the slushy remains of the detergent tab--it hadn't even made it out of the receptacle this time--and decided I'd have to look up the paperwork and see if it was still in warranty; but maybe I could look at the service manual on-line and fix it myself if it wasn't anything too complex.

Meanwhile, I put a load of laundry into the washing machine downstairs and got that started. Deciding to make cinnamon rolls, I got the oven started preheating and put the rolls in the pan, then thought I'd have a look at the dishwasher while the oven was preheating.

Maybe there's something wrong with the door only when the main door is vertical, I thought, so I tried closing it most of the way and then actuating the manual release, and--

And. And then I saw that the griddle that I'd put into the dishwasher--the pan I cook my grilled ham-and-cheese sandwiches on--that was positioned such that the detergent door couldn't open properly, so the detergent tab would hang there in the receptacle, then fall out once I opened the main door. Flipped the pan around, put in another tab of detergent, started the thing...and (I saw later) it worked just fine.


So I watched anime and ate cinnamon rolls, and after a while I went downstairs to put my laundry in the dryer. The washing machine was in its final spin cycle, nearly finished, and it was making the most ungodly noise about it: that peculiar "bad bearing" sound. I stopped the spin cycle, emptied it into the dryer, and then tried restarting the spin--and it started right up with the ungodly noise again; when I shut it off and it spun back down I heard a kind of "roulette ball" noise which sounds like escaped ball bearings.


So I'm going to have to tear into the washing machine to see if I can figure out WTF is wrong with it. Good thing I got the laundry done, because it gives me time to figure out what parts I need, and where from to order them, and how to pay for them....

In general, bearings are pretty cheap; usually it's the installation that costs all the money. We'll see what's up with this thing; hopefully it won't take much, because I can't afford to buy a new washer and I doubt my siblings will think it's worth investing in. I'd hate to have to start schlepping my clothes over to the laundromat.

* * *

When I got together with Og and Partner to make our abortive visit to the Crown Point gun show, on the 29th, we happened to drive past a place on Route 41 called "Otaku Hobbies".

Now, anyplace with that name has got to be a good source for all things anime and manga. You'd think, anyway, right?

...of course, I have no money. *sigh* I want to go, but I don't want just to go and look around. Crap.

* * *

Well, I got to the end of Asobi ni Iku yo and it's pretty good stuff. The BD versions have just been released in Japan, so the uncensored fansubs should be available on the torrent sites soon.

Then I'm going to dub a copy of it to DVD; and I'm going to make a copy for Og. I told him about ep 2 (or 3?) where Aoi and Manami go chasing after bad guys straight out of the bathtub, totally naked. He asked me to make a copy for him; so I will.

I'm going to link to several of Steven Den Beste's pages now:

Gun folks should watch it just because of the various shots of Manami's gun collection. Cripes, she's got an arsenal--not bad for a teenage girl living in a country with very strict gun control laws. And they're all real guns, too: they all shoot bullets, not BBs or paint balls. They're also "all real guns" in the sense that they are accurate drawings of real-world firearms. The guns!

The Catians bring with them these bullets which dissolve nonliving matter. And so you can have scenes like this one. Both girls just emptied their guns at each other, but thanks to the Catian pseudo-antimatter ammunition, neither one was hurt. The Catians are big believers in the sanctity of life, so nearly all their weapons are nonlethal.

* * *

Not safe for work: The Catian woman with the long dark purple hair is Captain Kuune. I really like Captain Kuune, even though her breasts are a bit too big. She's beyond the Rushuna limit. (Rushuna from Grenadier is Steven's inspiration for the unit "rushuna", which is a measure of bust size. He says that anything greater than 1 Rushuna is disgusting, and I'm inclined to agree with him.) Captain Kuune is too awesome, though, to let her 1.5 Rushuna bust get in the way of my admiration for her.

* * *

But damn: Lucy! To save you the effort of clicking on the link, here's why I linked to Steven's page this time:


Then you wonder why I can't decide between her and Erza? Here's why:

(That one comes from here.)

Erza Scarlet is also made of awesome. Not only is she one of the strongest mages in Fairy Tail; she's also law-abiding, to the T. She looks mean but she's not; she's just a serious person, and she's really smart and tough. She's a good person to have at your back, because if she's got your back, it's handled.

She's not always wearing that armor; that's what she puts on when she's got to get serious about fighting. Otherwise she wears a plate cuirass and greaves. Her main magical skill is "exquip": she can change armor and weapons on the fly, just by willing it, and she has a huge arsenal at her disposal.

Fairy Tail makes me drool too much. I need a girlfriend, damn it.

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