atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2549: I wonder where in Hokkaido?

Kimi ni Todoke is set in Hokkaido; I wonder where. Maybe if I (finally) upgraded Google Earth, I could find out. *sigh*

The northwest coast of Hokkaido is very sparsely populated, according to Google Earth. At least, I don't see too many houses or roads there.

* * *

I was looking at Hokkaido because I was curious about where I ought to set Chicory. Oh, I can get away with not naming a place, but it would be helpful if I could get photographic references of an actual city/town/village in Hokkaido from which to draw.

...not that I've actually done any work on any of my creative projects. It's been months.

* * *

Come to think of it, I think True Tears was also set in Hokkaido. Anyway, it's nice to see series set somewhere other than Tokyo.

* * *

Considering where Nagoya is--about 2/3 of the way to Osaka from Tokyo--I have to wonder if the folks there speak Kansai-ben or Edokko? The Japanese woman I corresponded with in 2004-2005 lived in Nagoya (actually, Ama-gun) but I have no idea what dialect of Japanese she spoke.

It really doesn't matter, anyway; I'm just curious.

* * *

The seventh volume of Kimi ni Todoke was released on the first. I think I'm going to the bookstore soon....

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