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#2556: Keep your weapons clean.

So I said that I might procrastinate and clean the guns later--well, I changed my mind, and cleaned them this afternoon before hitting the hay for a nap.

First, I went and got the cleaning supplies...and then discovered--in the back of the gun cabinet--Dad's cleaning kits. The light's not too good where the cabinet is; that's my only defense in not seeing these things sooner.

I had been told that the Ruger's a bit of a pain to reassemble after it's been field stripped. I pulled it apart and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned; then I lubed it thoroughly and went to reassemble it.


Yeah, it's kind of a pain to reassemble, but I followed the instructions in the manual, and bip bap bonk I had a functioning firearm when I was done. I had to do some fiddling; it wasn't like making a sandwich and I had trouble getting the barrel reseated, but I didn't have to take a box of parts to a gunsmith to have him show me how to reassemble the thing.

(Og demonstrated the procedure with his Mk II. I did not remember very much of it, but I remembered enough.)

Next up: the Astra. The Astra is easy to field-strip; lock back the slide, rotate the barrel and withdraw it; release the slide and push it forward off the frame.

Oh: remove the magazine first. I felt so stupid for forgetting that. The gun was empty and couldn't fire by the time I'd gotten to the slide removal point, but it was A) an unsafe mistake regardless and B) just plain stupid.

I got after the Astra with Q-tips and Strike Hold, and cleaned a lot of gunk out of the action. I'd done my best to clean it after I got my FOID card and all, but I didn't have a good firearm cleaning solvent on hand. Besides, using it obviously knocked loose more crud. Cleaning the barrel is going to require more work; I need to get the right size brass brush to clean it properly. It's still crummy inside and I don't have any patches for the cleaning kit, so I'm going to have to buy an asston of patches the next time I see any for sale.

When I got it back together, man it was like night and day. It's a lot smoother now than it was before; I reckon if I run another 50 rounds through it and give it a super-thorough cleaning, it'll be even smoother. I like shooting the thing, and it's a neat little gun, even if it's about as effective for self defense as a paintball gun.

Then I turned my attention to the Mossberg.

The Boresnake works as advertised. I hadn't expected it to require so much effort to pull it through the bore, but when I looked down the barrel it was shiny clean. (It had not been that dirty beforehand, though.) The bolt was a bit cruddy, too, so I cleaned it and relubricated it. I swabbed out the receiver with Q-tips and gave everything a light coat of oil; and then I had a gander at the sights.

The peep sight was hard for me to see through, so I got a pipe cleaner, soaked it with Strike Hold, and then swabbed out the thing. That replaced the "long time in a gun case" cruft with all kinds of pipe cleaner cruft, but a quick blast of canned air got that out, and now I can actually see through it; there's not a bunch of interference fringes any more. I also discovered that--gee!--the sight folds so it's not sticking out all the time. *sigh* Nothing like knowing your firearm!

Then I--smelling of gun oil--wiped it all down with a gun cloth, to get rid of fingerprints, and put everything away.

I hit the hay around 5 and slept for four hours.

* * *

Dad's cleaning kits are both from Montgomery Wards, and they're old. How old? They come in metal boxes with metal inserts to organize the parts; that's how old. Vintage 1960s, probably.

One of them was just sopping with oil. He had a tube of some kind of water-displacing oil in there, and over the past 20 years it had leaked. I cleaned it out and mopped up the oil (one reason I reeked of it) and put everything back in except for the tube of oil. That I put with the other cleaning supplies.

The other one has fluids in glass bottles. I'm thinking it's for cleaning shotguns, as it's pretty sizable.

...they're all banged up and stuff so I doubt they're worth anything to collectors.

* * *

Man, that was fun. All of it--the shooting, and the cleaning. Makes me want to pull out the other guns and clean them, just 'cause I can--but hell, without bore patches, what can I actually do?

I'm going to start saving socks that get holes in them, and cut those up. That'll do.

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