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#2560: Another funshow!

Today I went with Og and Partner to the Valpo funshow. I blew $25 on an NRA membership; that got me a hat, a subscription to American Rifleman, and entry to the show.

I saw a lot of neat guns. Mainly I looked at handguns; though I want to get a .30 caliber carbine at some point, I've always been more interested in handguns.

Looked over another Taurus Judge. I don't know: everyone says they're shitty guns--a gun without a purpose--but that just makes the iconoclast in me like them more. The fact that they've become so unpopular makes them cheaper.

Well, I'm not going to be buying any more guns for a while. I might--once I have a job--save my pennies for a .30, but I won't be making that purchase any time soon. So a Judge is 'way down the road from here.

Generally speaking I'm not a revolver guy, anyway; I like semiautos. (I once thought it would be neat to have a revolver with a magazine--and realized how incredibly f-ing stupid that was about the time I turned 18, long before I became a gunnie.) The main advantage of a revolver is that they don't jam the way semiautos do--not unless there's something seriously wrong with the action--but a good semiauto, well-maintained, won't jam much.

Anyway, I can imagine that a Judge would look scary as hell to a home intruder. Probably much scarier than the Astra or Ruger would.

When you're just looking, though, everything pretty much runs together.

There are some pretty neat-looking tactical guns chambered in .22LR. I don't know; that seems kind of counterproductive. It's a cheap round, but it's not exactly powerful; still, the idea of being able to shoot 30 rounds before reloading--and paying about a buck per magazine to fill it each time--is appealing to me.

I still like the idea I heard more than a decade ago: a hand-cranked Gatling gun that uses .22LR ammo. Someone was selling plans somewhere. Heh.

I had a gander at some blades, too, mainly out of curiosity. There was the usual selection of swords and knives there, from the functional to the ludicrous: one guy had (among other things) a freakin' spiked hammer. *rolleyes*

I saw a Ruger Mk II mag, but didn't buy it. I'm not likely to go shooting any time soon.

* * *

I found, last night, a site with the B Gata H Kei manga through chapter 189, so I read it until about 1 AM, when I could no longer keep my eyes open, and then--after sleeping 6 hours and getting up this morning--read the rest of it.

The manga is vastly superior to the anime. It tells the story much more completely, and with a lot more detail. That's pretty impressive for a 4-koma manga series.

* * *

I had--for the first time in years--a desire to listen to my Eagles CDs.

Listening to the first "Best of" disk, I sang along with "Tequila Sunrise" and "Peaceful, Easy Feeling", which are probably my favorite Eagles songs. Particularly the latter, especially as it's sung in a key I can manage. (Most rock songs are not.)

The second "Best of" disk has "I Can't Tell You Why", for which I--long ago--came up with this alternate chorus:
Every time I go to walk away
Something makes me turn around and stay:
I can't find my pants....
The really sad thing: once I was done singing along to "Peaceful, Easy Feeling" I realized that the last time I'd sung that song along with the CD, both my parents were still alive. Argh etc.

* * *

The other night was making grilled ham-and-cheese sandwiches, and I remembered a scene from ep 7 of the Tenchi Muyo! OVAs. That's the one where Sasami tells her sister and Ryoko that Tenchi's Dad's enormous stash of shoujo manga is actually a library of "how to date" manuals...and then they start trying to get Tenchi by using the methods in the books.

The scene that I thought of--and was laughing continuously about--was the one where Ryoko collides with Tenchi as he's sweeping the grounds of the temple:
Ryoko: (extra girly, which is totally out of character for her) I'm sorry! Are you all right?
Tenchi: Ryoko? What's the idea?
R: I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention! I'm so clumsy! (bats herself on head, sticking out her tongue.)
T: (eyes get big)
R: My name is Ryoko, and I'm...embarassed! Can I...ask you...your name?
T: (eyes get bigger) Eh? Ryoko--are you sick? What's the matter? (grabs Ryoko by the shoulders)
R: (looks at his hands on her shoulders, then pushes him away so hard he flies about 20 feet back) Oh, my, Tenchi! You are a bold one, aren't you?
T: What's wrong with you?
Mihoshi then sticks her head into the scene.
M: Ryoko, your face is RED! What's wrong? Do you have a cold?
R: (through her teeth) Go away! I'm at the important part!

...and of course, Mihoshi drags Ryoko away to give her cold medicine, thus totally ruining Ryoko's attempt at snaring Tenchi, Earth-style.

Anyway, I was recalling this scene, and whenever I got to "Go away! I'm at the important part!" I'd start laughing my ass off.

(Incidentally, I notice now that Mihoshi's not wearing a bra under that tank top. Awesome.)

The old Pioneer dubs (like the first 13 Tenchi OVAs, and all of the El Hazard) are pretty damn good dubs. The writing and voice acting was first rate.

(Except for the first five minutes of the first El Hazard OVA. Really, I have no clue WTF was going on there....)

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