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#2567: The wearying hunt

Job hunt, I mean.

I spent a couple of hours on-line today, sifting through a couple of job sites, and man, I did not find much that I'm qualified for.

There are all kinds of jobs listed; the problem is, I'm not qualified for any of them. (Nearly all.) There are literal hundreds of positions listed in disciplines I have no knowledge of; there are dozens of jobs I could probably handle after a training period, but no one wants to train anyone. (This was true before the recession began, too, by the way.)

"Entry level" is where all the cuts have been made--there are no jobs at all--and because of the entire fiasco with Og's employer, I've concluded that I'm not even going to be interviewed for anything skilled. My resume will go straight into the round file.

I've said it before: if you're in the tech field, and you leave it for any reason whatsoever, it's the end of your career. "Why" doesn't matter; you're screwed. Expect to pull lattes or stock shelves for the rest of your life.

I did find a position with HP that looked like I could swing it, so I fired off a resume to them. I won't hold my breath.

Well, Home Depot is supposed to be hiring a bunch of seasonal help; I guess I ought to head over there and tender an application this week. *sigh*

I've looked at a crapton of warehouse/logistics jobs, and every last damned one of them has had something to it that knocked me out of the running. Mostly it's stuff like running forklifts--you need a license for that and I haven't got one--but there are other things, too, like the work environment ("must have 2-5 years' experience in metals warehousing" or some such) or "must be bilingual" or what-have-you.

I'm used to looking at requirements and considering how negotiable they are, because I know that not all requirements are hard-and-fast. (If a company is too inflexible about requirements they'll never hire anyone for the job.) Usually you can tell by the wording; and my read on most of these ads was that I'd be wasting everyone's time if I applied, because I didn't fit the bill.

Speaking of "not fitting the bill", I saw a job labeled "herdsman". No kidding. They wanted someone with 3-5 years' experience herding pigs. I should have screencapped the requirements; it sounded like you'd need a PhD in herding pigs to get the job. (Alfred Beerstein, PhD, Swineherd.)

Well, I've looked at two sites. There are several more out there; and besides that I'm working on compiling a list of contract/temp agencies, and I'll be sending resumes to them.

There's got to be something.

* * *

If not--I have to keep reminding myself--I'm not going to starve and I'm not going to be homeless.

I have money; it's just that I don't want to touch it if I don't have to. I'd prefer to leave it in the bank and use it for the down payment on a house; I don't want to spend it on groceries and car insurance and gasoline, damn it! If I take any money out, I pay a 10% penalty and I pay income tax on it, so the last damned thing I want is to touch that money for anything but critical expenses..

...but food and car insurance and gas are critical expenses. Without insurance and gas, I'm stuck at home, and of course food is a basic necessity. (I suppose I could hit up the food pantry for stuff. WTF, I am unemployed, after all. I don't even know where they are.)

It's good, in a way, that I treat this situation as if I have no money, because that's what you do with savings: you act as if you don't have them when you make purchasing decisions. The problem is, the attitude is so pervasive that I start to panic; and then I have to remind myself this isn't an emergency and I'm not out of money.

And even if I were, regardless, I have family and friends who won't let me starve or be homeless.

None of this is doing me any good, though. It's all so stressful that--2-3 times per week, of late--my stomach starts hurting and it keeps me awake. All day yesterday my stomach was just in knots. I haven't had that kind of shit happen to me for years.

* * *

It would be nice if I could manage to post a fun and/or humorous post. Everything I've been posting for the past week or so has been DOOM GLOOM SORROW GRIEF ANGST DOOM. The only comments I've been getting have been from spammers, for crying out loud, and I can't say I blame anyone. Shit.

Well, actually, the post about my journals was supposed to be kind of funny....

* * *

Might as well discuss anime!

Yosuga no Sora is an anime series based on an eroge; and they did something different: they tell a story, then back up and take a different path, so the guy ends up with a different girl at the end of each arc. So far I've seen 6 eps.

I finished Asobi ni Iku yo! and liked it, and hope there'll be more of it.

Fairy Tail continues to be good. There was no Erza for a few eps; now she's back, and damn is she awesome.

* * *

...I got up at 10:30 this morning; it's not even 9 PM and I'm falling asleep at the keyboard. WTF. Guess that job-hunting took more out of me than I thought.

I'd say that that's pretty damn pathetic, except that my tech writing job taught me that using your brain is more tiring than physical labor is. I'd come home from a day of doing nothing more strenuous than rattling keys and moving a mouse, and I'd freakin' collapse. After eight hours of work, I was done; there was nothing left.

The stomach-twisting stress I mentioned above probably is not helping matters any.

I was going to watch more anime tonight, but I don't think I'm going to manage that. Crap.

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