atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2569: Bleah, I'm not making that again.

Baking the bratwurst in sauerkraut did not end up being delicious. Not nearly as good as cooking them on the grill. *sigh*

Edible? Certainly. I've had three of them since last night, and I haven't exactly had to choke them down; but it's just not as good as when they're grilled.

Maybe I'll find some small kielbasa to cook that way. That might work.

I originally put them in for half an hour, then sat down to play WoW while waiting. I was running along doing this and that when the timer went off; I thought, WTF it hasn't been half an hour ALREADY, has it? It had, but they weren't done, so I gave 'em another half an hour.

Total cooking time ended up being 70 minutes at 350°. I also used up the two cans of sauerkraut I found in the cupboard; that's fine, though, because I don't use sauerkraut for anything else and it's pretty cheap, anyway. I can just get a can or two of it next time I decide to make something like this.

* * *

I just had a thought: "How do you make sauerkraut? Maybe I could make some!" Well, it's fermented; and if you're not careful, you can end up making botulism. Guess I'll just buy it....

* * *

I had several tabs open, was ready to comment...and I closed them all, because they turned out not to be worthy.

* * *

Yawara! managed to pull a fast one on me.

Ep 51 ends on a cliffhanger. Well, they all do; but in ep 51 it looks as if Yawara has lost a match. When ep 52 started, something else happened.

Me: Wait, WTF! The last episode didn't end like that!

...turns out that both eps are completely consistent. In ep 51 the referee had not issued his call; the announcer had called it. In ep 52, the ref makes his call, and it's not what the announcer said. It's completely within the bounds of continuity.

I had to go back and watch the end of ep 51 to confirm that, though.

* * *

Thanks to watching anime last night, I managed to stay awake past 9 PM. I was actually still awake at 1 AM; but then I couldn't sleep. I wasn't quite having an anxiety attack, so I didn't take any pills, but it was just enough to keep me from getting to sleep in a reasonable amount of time.

Anyway, conveying that little bit of useless noise reminded me that I still need to refill my RX for both of the pills, because I'm getting low; I'm down to about a 6-day supply. I've been meaning to request refills for more than a week, but I kept forgetting about it during business hours.

Except, of course, for Fridays--when my doctor isn't in and, historically, the refill request process has failed miserably.

The punch line: because the Paxil is pretty spendy stuff, when I needed to get the RX filled here in IL (in 2004) I shopped around for the best price, and it turned out to be Wal-Mart. Everyone else was charging $60+; Wal-Mart was charging $40. And not long thereafter they emplaced their $4 RX program, where you can get a 30-day supply of lots of different generics, and the Paxil was on the list. The Paxil's cheaper than the Xanax is, now (the Xanax runs $11. Go figure).

Anyway: Wal-Mart has a very nice and convenient phone-mail system for requesting a refill, and it took me exactly one minute and twenty seconds from the time I dialed the number until I hung up. Yeah. The job doesnt even take a minute and a half; the problem is remembering to do it. *sigh*

* * *

Might as well get after me chores.

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