atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2576: All you need to do is look at recent history.

Expensive energy sparks recessions.

I don't think I need to amplify that.

If the US was actively exploiting its own reserves--and if we were allowed to build refineries that could take full advantage of the oil we pump from the ground--we would be insulated from the world price of oil.

* * *

So David Evans is trying to build a mansion in Malibu, and the econazis won't let him.

I think anyone calling himself "the Edge" is a douchebag, but he owns the damn property and should be allowed to do what he wants with it. If the "Coastal Commission" doesn't like it--if they have the power to stop him--they ought to have to buy that land from him for what he paid for it.

One of the largest problems with government restrictions on land use--particularly for environmental reasons--is that the owner of the land is left with a worthless hunk of land. The stories are legion of the EPA declaring someone's land to be the habitat of a "protected species", therefore making it a felony to develop--thus reducing its market value to zero. The EPA doesn't have to compensate anyone after making these decisions, even though government has decided how that land will be used; because the government hasn't taken ownership of the land, "eminent domain" doesn't apply.

But it for damn sure ought to.

The EPA should have to buy the land it declares "off limits" for development; government should have to pay up any time it tells someone that he may not use his real estate the way he desires. Make eminent domain apply: if this parcel of land is "critical habitat", let the government buy it from the present owner, or let government STFU and go away and let the guy do as he will with it.

* * *

The Ultima series sent this man to space and he came back an eco-hippie.

Oh well. The games were fun, anyway.

* * *

Man, it's already 11 AM. I woke up at 10 and fed the cats; now I need to think about breakfast, I guess. And I need to do the shopping.

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