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#2584: 11.5%

That's the real jobless rate in the United States, and the government is gaming the numbers.
The labor force participation rate, which is the percentage of the population that has a job or is looking for one, sits at 64.2%, the lowest level it’s been since 1984. Before the recession it stood at 66% — coincidentally also its 10-year average. If the participation rate was at that level now, the headline unemployment rate would be 11.5%.
I don't believe I need to explain further.

Depending on how you figure it, though the rate rises to as high as 22%.

* * *

Chris Christie talks about Pat Quinn. Yeah, Illinois is a disaster, all right; the plain-talking governor from New Jersey has that right.


* * *

If you read this Sultan Knish post I think you discover that not all cultures are equally valid, after all--not if you value things like equality and freedom for everyone.

It makes me think that the multiculti viewpoint actually amounts to, "Just about everything is bad if Western Europeans do it; but if any other culture does it, it's perfectly fine."

The Pakistani attitude towards women amounts to chattel slavery, something that "Western Europeans" decided was a bad thing starting about two centuries ago. How anyone can look at that kind of culture and find it superior--or even equivalent--to Western culture is beyond me.

Oh, but wait a moment: you see, that's because it's my own Western European culture that tells me it's a bad thing to treat women like property. My patriarchal, phallocentric culture shapes my belief that women ought not to have to worry about being raped or molested, or killed after being raped because she brought dishonor on the family, or being sold into sexual slavery. So my belief that my culture is superior really is a chauvenistic attitude and therefore invalid.

...I don't see how any woman could call herself a feminist and believe that Pakistani culture is somehow "as good as" our own. Then again, feminists typically only worry about the rights and priveleges of American coastal liberal women, anyway.

* * *

There's this goddamned awful commercial that I'm probably going to end up seeing again tonight. It's for some brand of diaper; and it's essentially a cartoon about babies having a shitting contest.

The selling point is that--no matter how much they shit--the diaper won't blow out. So we see a baby get on stage, waddle around a bit, then turn his backside to the judges; the diaper suddenly balloons, explosively. (And never leaks.) Applause, and the judges raise their number cards to score the performance.

Never mind that the babies in question (particularly the winner of the contest) would have to shit more than 100% of their body mass into the diaper to make it do that; and they'd have to shit like Mount Vesuvius in the process. It's fricking disgusting.

Yes, babies crap; and yes, a diaper which won't leak even under extreme conditions is desirable--but for crying out loud, there's got to be a better way than this to make the point.

* * *

Temps hit 60 today.

Owing to a persistent panic attack I was knocked out on Xanax for most of it. I did open a couple windows and get some fresh air in the house, though, even if I didn't manage to take advantage of the nice weather. *sigh*

Well, it's not going to be winter forever, anyway.

* * *

Of late, I've been finding it more convenient to set the DVD-R to record the two shows I still watch (House, MD and Smallville) and considering the fact that I no longer watch anything from the satellite box, I've been contemplating getting rid of it.

The two shows I watch are broadcast, so all I'd need would be a digital antenna. Though I've thought about recording/watching the car shows, I haven't watched them in months--just not interested, really. I don't know why.

* * *

One of the lights is on a timer, and the other day while I was doing something it switched on and the bulb burned out. You know how incandescents will pop during the initial current surge; this did that.

Anyway, the cats were with me, and when the light popped, all three heads turned in concert to look at the lamp. I thought that was pretty funny.

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