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#2585: Well, that saved me some money.

I don't have to see The Adjustment Bureau now. The review contains spoilers without warning you about them; but really it's doing us all a big favor that way. If I had paid money to see that movie--even just to rent it--I would have been sorely, sorely pissed off.

The commercials make it look like such an interesting movie; and I have to agree: why didn't the studio make that movie--the one the commercials are about--rather than the actual movie they made?

Earth to movie studios: you're not doing anyone any favors by engaging in this kind of "bait and switch" even if it is legal.

No wonder I don't care about going to see movies anymore.

* * *

I just finished a run through the anime playlist. Yawara! ep 56 is the one where Fujiko and Hanazono finally meet; and Fujiko is clearly interested in ol' Kaoru.

I don't know--Hanazono is kind of a goofball, but there's just something about the guy that makes me root for him. He's got guts, and he's a stand-up guy, and he doesn't shirk his responsibilities.

I think in ep 57 (if the next ep tease is any guide) Fujiko goes to him and asks him to teach her judo. That's how they end up falling in love, I bet; and of course he goes on to teach her some other things that end up with her being pregnant. I learned that from reading Mangajin; he ends up going to her parents and asking for her hand in marriage, starting with a really formal apology for knocking her up ("Moushiwake ga arimasen! as I recall; "there is no excuse" is a fair translation of that).

Unfortunately, there are only 58 episodes translated. The entire series can be had untranslated, but although my command of Japanese is slowly improving, nonetheless I can't really say I understand it.

I do keep picking things up, though.

OreImo showed us a couple neat things in ep 9; one of them being that Saori is an ojousama. Similar to Wilson's lower face in Home Improvement, in OreImo we never see Saori's eyes. I really, really like Saori; in fact I like all the characters in that series except for Kirino, the eponymous little sister--but Saori is my favorite, and the fact that she's keeping her upper-class origins a secret just amuses me to no end.

The "Galuna Island" story arc in Fairy Tail just goes on and on--not that it's bad, or anything; I just expected it to be done by now. But, you know, as long as the story keeps going this way, Lucy will continue to have only a tube top covering teh boobzorz, so believe me, I am not complaining.

...not the best image since you can't see that the tube top ends right below the bottom edge of the frame, but you get the idea.

I'd like to say that such things comfort me in my bachelor solitude, but unfortunately they don't. All they really do is remind me that I don't have a sweetie. Argh etc.

* * *

Today's warm weather passed; after a nap I got up around 8 and went for KFC, and needed my parka. It may snow tomorrow. Well, winter's not over until March 21, and even then we can still expect cold weather until after April.

Such is life in a temperate zone.

KFC changed their menu but you can still get the $5 fill-up box with breast and wing. The side dishes now come in a reusable container rather than the styrofoam things. Says "microwave and dishwasher safe" right on the lid. That's pretty cool.

* * *

Luna--who is scared of just about everyone--is not afraid of my brother.

She's an indoor cat and she was never really around people all that much, so she's skittish at best and takes a long time to warm up to people. But when my brother was over here on Thursday, and we were going through some papers, she was coming right over to him and sniffing around; it looked like she thought we had some food or something.

Well, Mom and I used to eat dinner at the coffee table in the family room. Wheel of Fortune was on around the time we usually had dinner, and I always tried to eat at least that one meal with her every day. So the cats got used to the idea that when people are sitting there, it must be meal time; and since Mom would share, they tend to beg, anyway.

My brother and I are physically similar, though he's in better shape than I am--our voices are about the same and we are obviously brothers--so I suppose that's why.

'Cept he colors his hair. Heh.

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