atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2586: I was going to go to bed.

...just logged out of WoW and was about to hit the hay when I saw that I didn't post all weekend.

I've been playing WoW and watching anime, and sleeping. That's about it. Went and got General Tao's Chicken for dinner; and otherwise I slept a lot.

Panic attack, Xanax, yada-yada. *sigh* I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't just apply for disability; this is ludicrous.

Anyway, gas hit $3.70 per gallon before easing off a whole $0.02 to $3.68. At the rate things are going it'll be $4 per gallon by April rather than July, as I first predicted. All brought to you by restricted supply, unrest in the middle east, and no new drilling in the US since last summer nor any new refineries since 1970.

Thanks, Obama! Thanks, Democrats!

...Obama campaigned on expensive energy and he's getting what he wants; why on Earth would he want to do anything about the price of gas? He wanted this. In fact, the Democrat party in general just loves it when gas is expensive. $4 per gallon? Hell, let it go to $5 or even $6! They don't care if you can't afford to drive to work any more and expensive energy helps them gain and retain power.

The thing that really gripes my wagger about all this is that these prices are artificially high. There's plenty of damn oil all over the freakin' country, but because of 40 years of environmentalist obstruction we can't actually use any of it and we're dependent on tin-pot dictators in third-world shitholes.

And when the third-world shitholes begin to fall apart and try to depose the tin-pot dictators, it disrupts the supply of oil that we're completely dependent on thanks to stupid Democrat policies.

The most ironic thing about all this is that another Democrat policy--ethanol subsidies--is what's making the people in those third-world shitholes riot in the first place. More corn gets dumped into making ethanol because of the subsidy; the price of food goes up, and people riot and burn and pillage. The unrest disturbs the smooth flow of oil at market prices, and suddenly gas is $3.70 per freakin' gallon.

In a fairer world, no one would trust the Democrat party to run a freakin' lemonade stand, much less a government. Shit.

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