atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#259: Karl Agathon, whiny bitch

He's at it again, folks. The only thing I can say is that at least this time he has basic morality and decency behind him.

Not going to list the specifics in case either of you haven't seen the episode yet, but suffice it to say that his usual whiny-bitch-ness has manifested most egregiously in this latest outing of Battlestar Galactica.

If I had been in charge of battlestar Galactica (I write that the same way I would write "battleship Iowa" or "aircraft carrier Nimitz") that whiny punk would have been thrown in the brig after he unilaterally decided that humanity would not, after all, solve its little problem with the Cylons using biological warfare, regardless of what the duly elected and appointed government and military leaders had decided. (Karl Agathon knew better than they did! ) In fact, I might have unilaterally decided to solve my little "whiny-ass bitch problem" by having him summarily executed. There are, after all, all kinds of airlocks on a battlestar.

Look, Grace Park is a hottie and all, and the fact that her character is mass-produced makes me hope that someday other hot women can be mass-produced, but let's face the facts: after he fell in love with Sharon-Valeri-the-toaster, Karl Agathon turned into a raging pussy. He's more concerned about the well-being of the Cylons than his toaster wife is.

Although his concern for the enemy's well-being and his consistent "if we do that, we're just as bad as they are" riffs are common threads for every whiny bitch-man soldier in movies and TV since 1950, I had thought that the writers and producers of the new BG would have excised that schtick as both clichéd and boring. (And stupid.)

That said I have to agree--though reluctantly--that such whiny pussies are endemic to the breeds of Man. These are people who lack perspective--who don't understand that when the survival of your race is at stake there's no such thing as "unfair".

It's sad but true that there are always going to be plenty of morons who don't understand that not everyone is going to be reasonable and that some people will not stop being mean until you beat the everloving shit out of them.

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