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#2590: It really does look like a missile launch, doesn't it?

The "contrail" filmed by a news crew is purportedly a missile launch. From the beginning of this--having seen the video myself--I was confident that I was looking at a missile launch. I've seen enough rockets--small though they may be--take off to know what it looks like, and I have never seen an airplane exhibit that kind of speed/alititude profile.

If you read that article straight up, it looks as if Washington, D.C. is trying to hide something from us. What are they trying to hide, and why?

TWA flight 800 is pretty well-known--an airliner mysteriously blew up in midair--and I remember the eyewitness accounts being dismissed by federal aviation officials. People saw something that looked like a surface-to-air missile, and the feds said, "Those untrained observers merely saw flaming debris falling from the airplane after the explosion, and the shock distorted their perceptions." But if a guy sees a missile contrail rise from the ground, and then sees an explosion in the sky, somehow I doubt he'd get the order wrong.

I've never been happy with the official explanation for that--wire chafing in the middle fuel tank led to sparks that ignited fuel vapor--because the other evidence, the evidence that had been carefully explained away by the FAA, has not been convincingly explained away.

Besides, as a mechanic, I know that my cars' fuel pumps are electric motors, and DC motors make sparks--and how many cars blow up because of the ignition of fuel vapor? Jet aircraft run on kerosene, which is less volatile and less prone to ignition than gasoline is.

Ergo, someone blew it up. But who? And why? And why did the FAA cover up the facts?

The mystery missile launch--it could easily have been China sending the US a message: we can hit you whenever we want to. And if that's so, then the reason is pretty damned obvious: it would behoove the government to keep that a secret, because if the general public knew a Chinese sub had gotten close enough to our coast, undetected, to hit us with a nuke--oh, man, the election last year would have been much worse for Democrats than it was. The general meme would have been something like What if that missile had been armed with a nuclear warhead? What if it had been a real attack? How many people would be dead? How many cities would we have lost?

...none of which our sitting government can afford.

* * *

In general I dislike conspiracy theories. The bigger they are, the more I dislike them, because--just to name an example--something like a moon landing hoax would require that a lot of people keep their lips zipped, and continue to keep their mouths shut for four decades and counting.

You can't keep something that big a secret for that long a time. Look at how the whole WikiLeaks fiasco turned out; the weak link turned out to be one disgruntled gay guy, a military grunt who had access to everything. How many grunts had to have access to the NASA facilities? Someone would have noticed something, and would have kept it in mind and never said anything about it until one day--

But the case of Flight 800 and the mystery missile--they don't require a huge conspiracy. They only require a few key people, and the top-down implication that If you say anything against the official story, you'll be flipping burgers for the rest of your life. If you're lucky enough to have one.

* * *

But that's enough about that nonsense. There's nothing I can do about it; just being aware that the government is lying to us is all I can really take away from the story. It's not even all that surprising; governments do that kind of thing all the time, particularly when they know the public can still vote them out of office. So we've still got that going for us...for the time being.

* * *

Here's a guy who's using an Arduino embedded microcontroller to control various functions of his Jeep Wrangler; and that's pretty damn cool.

I have the technical ability to do that kind of thing; what I don't have is the inspiration to do it. There's nothing I can think of that I want to do; the existing controls work fine and I don't see the point of overcomplicating things.

If I were building a custom wiring harness, even then I wouldn't see the point.

One thing I do think about--every so often--is building a mixture gauge for the MGB. It would mean having a bung welded into the exhaust manifold, to have a place to put the O2 sensor; but then I could use the output of that gauge to help me set the carb correctly. (Then I think, "Colortune would be easier." Then I think, "I haven't got the time or money for any of this, anyway, so F it." *sigh* And the car continues to sit and collect dust....)

* * *

Panic attack last night, Xanax, slept the day away, blah blah blah. *sigh* It sucks egregiously, because I really had stuff I wanted to get done today, and now I have to put most of it off until Thursday.

Fortunately, none of it is time-critical. Oh well.

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