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#2591: Yeah, Japan probably needs nukes now.

The governor of Tokyo prefecture is saying that Japan needs nukes because all their enemies have 'em.

China. Russia. North Korea. Would you like to live in that neighborhood without a gun?

...and for damn sure the US isn't going to be doing anything about it, at least not before 2013 at the earliest, because we elected a douche who'd rather go golfing than make any hard choices. Regardless of politics, we're going to have trouble paying our own bills and our role as "policeman of the world" is going to be a lot harder to fulfill.

The guy in question is something of a crank, but I do think that Japan isn't going to relive the Togo years just because they get nukes.

* * *

"I can't stop the snark" department:

"Nothing was gonna get in her way" except, apparently, a truck.

Reading between the lines of the article, it looks like she rode through a stop sign and collided with a pickup truck which had right-of-way. The article doesn't say so, but it does say that the driver of the truck was "unimpaired" (ie "not drunk") which would rule out him running a stop sign.

Seems that she should have let that stop sign get in her way, at least. Then she'd still be alive; and sheer determination isn't enough to overcome being dead.

* * *

Stupid, short-sighted, asinine policy becomes law in Illinois. Democrats abolished the death penalty here.

...hopefully we'll get CCW permits soon, because we're going to need 'em.

* * *

Alternative energy: $975 million versus $8 million.

It would cost the LA Community College District $975 million dollars to switch to green energy sources and go "off-grid".

They pay $8 million per year for power from the grid.

Time to amortize cost of switching to "green" power: 121.875 years.

* * *

No calls from anyone on any of the resumes I've sent out. Og flips my resume to a couple places and--now--both have called me. Guess a personal recommendation from a guru helps.

I got a call from #2 yesterday, but was out when the call came in. Same as with #1, I had to wait until today to make the call.

Despite yet another panic attack last night around 4 AM-ish (which is the usual time, now, leading me to think it's related to Mom's passing) and taking Xanax to deal with it yet again, I woke up at 8:30 in order to sound awake when I returned the call. I'd planned to call them after 9 AM, you know--regluar business hours and all that--so half an hour, I figured, would be enough time for me to wake up and not sound like I'd just gotten out of bed.

Make the call, ask for the person who called me...she's not in before 10 AM today. *sigh*

Of course, I didn't think to say, "Can you take a message?" But then, apparently the receptionist didn't think of that, either, because she didn't suggest it...and there was more than a hint of disdain in her voice for the fact that this person doesn't arrive before 10 AM on Thursdays.

Well, WTF, none of that is my problem. My problem is that I don't have income, and that I need a job; despite this place's distance from the bunker, it sounds like it might be a good opportunity. (Maybe not as good as #1 is--probably not--but good nonetheless.)

We'll see how I do.

* * *

So I've been running Amaleni in WoW over the past couple of days.

I've gotten a bit tired of lowbies, so I hopped on Gunbunnysmit first; but then I decided I wanted to see the new stuff and got on Amaleni, who had previously made the trip to Vash'jir.

Vash'jir is this huge seamount that rose in the wake of the Cataclysm. Just about the entire thing is underwater, and the first quest you get when you arrive there is to collect the materials needed to give you your "sea legs"--basically a permanent effect that lets you breathe and move quickly under water. And after a dozen quests or so you get an underwater mount, which also helps.

Amaleni has been sending money to alts, so she was down to less than 40 gold; after a couple sessions she had over 400. I spent some money on specialty bags to clean up her bank tab, though, so it's closer to 300 now.

Hit 81st level in the process, too. She'd had 4 days and 10 hours of play time at 80th. Heh. And when I logged out, she was a bit more than 20% from 82nd.

The bank was a mess; despite all slots being filled with netherweave bags, she had no room for anything. I ended up buying a mining bag and two jewelcrafting bags--all 20-slot bags--and I got rid of some junk I decided that I really don't need, and ended up with about 15 free slots. (But I filled about half of them back up before quitting for the night.)

At least this way all the gems are together. Almost all of them, anyway, as there was no room for the pearls in the JC bags. The mining bag is full, too, and some mining stuff ended up elsewhere. At least I don't have gems, ores, and metals scattered haphazardly across five freakin' bags any longer.

Need to get her jewelcrafting to 475 before I can prospect obsidium. I've been mining every obsidium node I've seen; I ended up with more than 80 ores and I used half of them to make 20 obsidium bars. The rest I will prospect when I can. Then, of course, I'll have more gems to find room for in the bank....

* * *

It snowed enough to turn the grass white, but not the streets.

* * *

Saturday I got a package from my mother's sister's daughter. Apparently there was a Christmas present my aunt had not gotten around to sending to me.

As you may recall, my aunt had a heart attack the same day my Mom had her stroke, and she died perhaps 12 hours after Mom passed away. (There was some gallows humor about the sisters trying to one-up each other.) Anyway, my cousin has had stuff going on, so the package didn't get sent until late February.

My aunt never sent anything really expensive, but the gifts were thoughtful and entertaining. They were semi-gag, semi "thinking of you" kinds of things. (One year: a "cat-a-pult", a toy which flings small plastic cats. Cats included.) This was a set of matryoshka dolls--made of plastic--which have robots on them instead of more traditional decoration. I mean, it's the kind of thing you find at a $1 store, but it's also exactly the kind of thing I might buy for myself because it's just a little weird. That level of thoughtfulness makes the gift.

Another year, she sent me this robotic chicken which plays the "chicken dance" music, and allegedly does the dance. But there's something wrong with it, so the music comes out distorted, and her card said, "It's more like the 'busted chicken' dance." I thought that was pretty funny; and a couple years after that I saw the same product at a store, tried one, and discovered that I liked the "busted" version better anyway.

(This is the same aunt who kept giving Dad "soap-on-a-rope", by the way. Heh.)

Anyway, so I finally banged out a thank-you note Tuesday night; because I slept through Wednesday I didn't get the letter out on the hook until today. There's no real super-rush or anything, anyway.

* * *

"On the hook"--before the house got vinyl siding, we had a mailbox which had a couple of hooks underneath it, for rolled-up magazines or newspapers. There was a clothespin (the spring-loaded kind) on one, with which outgoing mail was clipped to the hook. So at the bunker, if it's where the mailman can pick it up, outgoing mail is "out on the hook".

* * *

Well, it's been an hour since my first attempt at returning #2's phone call. Guess I'd better get crackin'.

Update: the guy's going to call me back this afternoon. *sigh*

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