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#2593: 8.9

Massive freakin' earthquake off the coast of Japan, magnitude 8.9, near Sendai.

As many as 4 million buildings without power in Tokyo alone.

NYT story on it.

There was an earthquake in the same area on Wednesday, bad enough to shut down the Shinkansen--obviously in retrospect it was a pre-shock of the big one.


The video footage they're running on Fox was shot from a helicopter over the coast as the tsunami came in, and you see this black flood washing away everything in its path and you know a lot of people are dying down there.

It makes me feel sick to my stomach.

The city of Kurihara reportedly has been destroyed entirely. It's about 25 miles from the coast and 32 miles from the center of Sendai. Apparently the epicenter of the earthquake is about 18 miles off the coast of Sendai.

Sendai is the city I picked to be Megumi Sakaki's home town (from my manga Megumi's Diary) and it's the setting of the so-far unnamed light novel about Emiko Kasahara.

So Hawaii is under a tsunami warning, and they're evacuating all the low-lying areas; the west coast of the US is also keeping a watch out. It'll be at least four hours before it hits Hawaii, and even longer before it gets to the west coast.

* * *

The only direct effect this is likely to have on me is that the anime I'm following will be delayed, but I'm still feeling this disaster a lot more personally than any other recent ones. I like Japan and the Japanese; I know something about the language and the people and their history, and this just feels like a kick in the stomach.

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