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If you ever want to feel like a genius, just point your browser here.

It's a livejournal community named "My Baby Daddy" and it is full of posts by women who made bad choices.

"Made"? Wait, that's the wrong tense. That phrase must be rewritten:

"...women who made and are making bad choices."

There, that satisfies my inner editor.

I've been reading pdb all day and his commentary has been getting me all wound up. I think pdb and I would get along famously even if he is an atheist who thinks religion is bunkum. An entry in his blog led me to that livejournal community and it's some combination of depressing, frustrating, and exhilirating--depressing and frustrating because the answer to just about every single post on there is "STOP SCREWING AROUND WITH MEN YOU'VE ONLY JUST MET! USE BIRTH CONTROL, GROW UP, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS, AND STOP WHINING!" **

"Exhilirating" because I look at these things and think, "Wow! These people are stupid! This makes me feel like a fuckin' genius!"



** There should be something in there about MARRYING the "babydaddy"....


The more of these things I look at, the more I realize that the following issues are endemic to the women who post in that LJ community:

1) They're all young. Most are under age 30 and a vast majority are under 25.

2) Very few of them were married to their "babydaddies" (or "sperm donors") at the time of conception. In fact the fraction seems vanishingly small.

3) Many of the "babydaddies" are unemployed losers.

4) Okay, example of a "babymommy" not learning from past experience: "...he always has someone & all I have is booty calls,..." Okay? Stop the booty calls. Booty calls got you into this situation in the first place. *sigh*

5) Okay, this one wins: "He's currently in prison for being ignorent and not doing what he was suppose to be doing." No; he's in prison because he's a criminal and broke the law.

6) If your "babydaddy" refers to you as a "fucking crackhead" might it be because you're a fucking crackhead? (Just thought I'd ask.)

7) If you break up with someone because you are "not feeling it", why are you outraged to learn that he slept with another woman not a week later? And if you know he is screwing around with whoever he can get into bed with, why on earth would you think that he's going to settle down and be only with you just because you spawned a podling?

8) This dumbass really fries my shorts. She has no responsibility for her pregnancy at all, oh no! It's all the "sperm donor's" fault!

9) This dumbass also really fries my shorts. The man who knocked her up "didn't withdraw in time" and "made sure [he] got some up there". Excuse me! Ever hear of, oh, condoms? The fucking Pill?? There are all kinds of birth control methods available these days, and none of them are very expensive. If you don't want to get pregnant try using one or two and if the guy won't wear a condom...don't have sex with him!

Jesus Christ!

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