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#2599: Celebrating the murder of a baby.

"n poor starving Gaza, candies and sweets are being handed out to celebrate the courageous murder of a baby."

The "religion of peace" once again proves that the only peace it offers is the silence of the grave.

* * *

Advice Goddess (who's an atheist) asks: many of you Christians are going over in the dead of night to slaughter your neighbors for adultery or for the biblical fashion crime of wearing two different fabrics?
Lovely people, those palestinians.

* * *

Japan's "nuclear crisis":

"Japan Does Not Face Another Chernobyl".

WHO says, "the public health risk is probably quite low."

Can a Chernobyl-style accident happen in the United States? Short answer: NO. Most of the reasons given there also apply to the troubled reactors in Japan. This is a really detailed look at what happened at Chernobyl and why it can't happen with commercial power reactors in the United States.

Out of 55 reactors operating in Japan, two are having trouble...and they're forty years old. One of them was due to be decommissioned in April, for crying out loud.

Rod Adams points out, in the closing paragaphs of that post, that the fossil fuel industry in Japan has made a bigger mess in the wake of the earthquake than the nuclear industry has.

* * *

Earthquake, tsunami, now volcano. When's Godzilla gonna show up?

* * *

Japan's economy is going to tank. Guess what? Japan buys US debt, though not as much as China does. Japan having less money means Japan not buying US debt.

See where this is going?

I've been talking about the interconnectedness of the world economy and the circle of dominoes for a couple of years, now. This major disaster in Japan may tip the first domino over.

* * *


I slept like a log yesterday; and after getting my bacon mofo and eating it, I fell asleep again; I got up this morning, played some WoW and had breakfast...and now I feel sleepy again!

This is dicks.

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