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#2602: Should I go back to that maid cafe after this?

I paid extra to have her write something with ketchup on my omelette, and this was the result:

Man, that just hurts.

* * *
Of course that's the breakfast I made my own damn self, and it amuses me to no end to write "baka" on my omelette, exactly as if a waitress in a maid cafe had done it, because I'm a loser otaku type who's easily amused by stupid things.

But! This post is to commemorate the fact that I now have the entirety (or nearly so) of Kaichou wa Maid Sama and space in the playlist to view it.

I don't like to have more than five series going at a time; five 24-minute eps works out to two hours and if I do more than that it begins to get tedious. Since Yosuga no Sora is now over ("Thank God!" I said, and meant it) and OreImo doesn't have new eps until August, there's room for new stuff.

Damn it, I like Misaki. I like Misaki because she's about 95% of Sayoko Igarashi, a supporting character in American Dawn who threatens to take the whole damn thing over.

Like Sayoko, Misaki is smart and tough. The voice actress who does Misaki's voice--Ayumi Fujimura--even sounds the way I imagined Sayoko sounding.

The missing 5% is the hairstyle. Sayoko doesn't wear her hair the way Misaki does...but damn it, if I could even draw hair like that, she probably would.

I have 23 of the 26 episodes. I'm working on finding the rest. At the rate I'm watching anime these days, I have time to find the last three.

My impressions of the show after the first ep: I really like this series! Hopefully it'll keep on that way.

* * *

When I have a character like Sayoko--smart, tough, hard-working, self-reliant--she tends to take over whatever she appears in.

Okay, like Ayumu "Osaka" Katsura in Chicory. Ayu-chan's the same way, and it's a struggle to remember that the freakin' story is about Subaru.

In American Dawn I actually broke away from the Asa-centric narrative and started doing a story about Sayoko; I couldn't help it. It's slowing down the story I wanted to tell, which mainly centered on Asa and her rivalry with Amanda; but Sayoko's such an interesting character that it just kind of happened.

That's why I like Erza in Fairy Tail so much; she's the same kind of character.

Maybe if I ever really learn to draw....

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