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#2604: No reason to worry after all.

So the workers went back to the stricken plant. But we're still not getting any actual numbers on how much radiation there is. Just "XX times normal!"

This is the closest they come to giving us any dose information: "It would take three years of constant exposure to these higher levels to raise a person's risk of cancer," and that's buried way down in the dregs of the article.

Like me, Rod Adams isn't worried, either.

If you're worried about the troubled nuclear plants in Japan, read this. It explains in pretty simple terms how safe nuclear power is, even against people who'd deliberately try to cause a radiological release.

Way down in this article we get a quote from the US State department (Hillary's domain) advising US citizens not to travel to "that part of" Japan, for fear of radiation poisoning.

Jesus Christ.

People are panicking over this when they really don't need to. WTF: this unreasoned fear just erased a trillion freaking dollars from the world economy.

Idiots like Keith Olbermann, who know nothing about nuclear power whatsoever, are the reason everyone's losing their shit over this. Meanwhile the people who've taken the time to understand the technology and its failure modes are sitting at their computers, shaking their heads at all the chicken littles running around.

Curmudgeon Emeritus reminds us that nothing is safe and points out that the failing nuclear reactors survived conditions far beyond their designed safety limits...and for this we've got minor radiation leaks.

While listening to Limbaugh he had a sound bite from CNN talking about this, calling it "the worst nuclear disaster in history". No! No it isn't! Here's why:

Chernobyl, 1986: 57 fatalities
Three Mile Island, 1979: 0 fatalities
Fukushima, Japan, 2011: 0 fatalities

Chernobyl is still the worst. The problem in Japan cannot be worse than the Chernobyl event; it's physically impossible. They'd have to blow the tops off the containment vessels and then blow the cores out of them with explosives to make the Fukushima event worse than Chernobyl!

If you camp out next to the failing reactors for the rest of your life you won't be exposed to 750 rads. Get real!

Scientists who worked for GE in the 1970s quit over the reactor design at Fukushima because it was "unsafe". And despite that, they've withstood the fifth-worst earthquake in history and a thirty-foot wall of water without major radiological release.

But of course "this proves nuclear power isn't safe!!!!!11`1" and we have to switch to unicorn flatus and pixie dust for our electrical needs. *sigh*

* * *

"Could we be headed for a 70's style energy crisis?

The energy crisis of the 1970s was caused by two things, in about this order:

1) An artificial restriction of supply (see also "Arab Oil Embargo")
2) The emplacement of government price controls.

#1 came about because the US supported its longtime ally, Israel. Arabs didn't like that, and they turned off the spigot. Consequently, oil prices rose. (Big surprise: supply dried up, demand remained constant, prices rose. Gee, what economic laws govern that kind of interaction again? Duhhh....)

That led to #2: the government just had to fix this! The answer wasn't to make it more palatable for oil companies to exploit our domestic resources, oh no; the answer was to make the oil companies charge less!

Price controls always limit supply, always-always. It's unavoidable. As surely as the sudden stop smashes Humpty Dumpty, the imposition of price controls lead to scarcity. It cannot be otherwise. One need only look at the results of government energy price controls to see that: the result was long lines at gas stations and rationing.

In that respect, then, no we're not headed for another 1970's-style energy crisis. There are no price controls, and it's in OPEC's best interests to keep selling us oil: we have the technology now to economically extract billions of barrels of oil from our own deposits and we keep finding new reserves all the time right here in the US. If we start exploiting our own resources, world oil prices will drop precipitously and everyone involved knows it. (In fact, I'd wager the 1973 embargo hurt the arabs more than it hurt us...but that's a discussion for another time, after I've had time to do a little reading on the subject.) (I promise nothing.)

Yes we can find ourselves in a situation where the flow of oil from the middle east is interrupted--by wars, civic unrest, revolutions, what-have-you--but as long as we avoid the siren song of price controls it should sort itself out.

* * *

How do the Democrats define "fiscal responsibility"? That's easy: to a Democrat, "fiscal responsibility" means they get to tax every corporation and wage earner at 100% of their income--and also borrowing an additional 50% of that income every year--and getting to spend it all on buying votes, all without ever having to worry about being voted out of office.

That is what Democrats mean by "fiscal responsibility".

* * *

Oh, what do the Republicans mean by "fiscal responsibility"?

To the GOP, "fiscal responsibility" means spending 10% less than the Democrats, and maintaining taxes at a rate sufficient to keep the economy from souring and the deficit from becoming too egregiously large--though without, y'know, actually cutting any real spending or anything, because it's just not politically possible in this climate and anyway the President would just veto it so instead we'll try to work with the Democrats on making reasonable, incremental cuts to the cobblepot hatstand fishmonger teakettle.

* * *

Oh, I'm glad it's not a frivilous lawsuit or anything. Woman sues hyper-expensive day care center because it's ruined her daughter's chances of attending an Ivy League school by teaching her colors and shapes rather than tensor calculus and concert violin.


* * *

Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin's place about Obama's cluelessness regarding fuel economy.
...[D]ue to the fact that the basic tenet of Obamanomic theory is that people are, first and foremost, incredibly stupid, assuming a consumer has a modicum of common sense isn’t an option when developing action/reaction projections with preconceived outcomes in the land of Hope & Change.
Obama's talking about cars that get 8-10 MPG. The last time I had a car which got that fuel economy--

Oh wait! I NEVER DID!! Even my 1975 Impala--a 5,000 lb car with a 1969 pickup truck engine and a three-speed transmission--got 18 MPG.

I know that seems hard to believe; it's true, though. And my Jeep gets 18 MPG. Other vehicles I've owned have gotten anywhere from that nadir of 18 all the way to 41 MPG.

My Dad's van--that thing got 10 MPG; then again it had the aerodynamic profile of an office building and was geared low for towing. Also it was a conversion and weighed about seven thousand pounds (approximately 1 "Ted Kennedy" or 0.02 "Al Gore").

* * *

Vox Day has it right on bullying, anyway.

According to the comments at the Advice Goddess post from which I learned about this, the bully got a concussion and a broken ankle. To which I can only say...


* * *

Obama wants more gun control, and is going to abuse executive power to get it. That's how I read this HuffPo piece.

* * *

Remember: there's no inflation! Food prices jumped nearly 4% in February, but since food prices aren't considered in the cost of living index set by the government, it doesn't matter!

* * *

Well: as you can probably tell from the length of this, I'm feeling better today than I have for several days. I don't know what it is, or was; maybe it's just "pre-flu" and tomorrow I'm going to feel ready for embalming. Maybe the strain I was exposed to in Rantoul was something my body had encountered before, so I was just tired because the immune system was fabbing several billion antibodies. I don't know. Time will tell.

So let's talk anime!
Tokyo Womens' Baseball
Motto To-Love-Ru
Fight! Ippatsu Juuden-chan
Kaichou wa Maid-sama
Fairy Tail
That's the playlist as of now. There's one more ep of Arakawa Under the Bridge X Bridge atop that, but after that one ep's done it's over and I'll be back to five series again.

I've got to duplicate some fansubs and send them to my niece, who started college not long ago. She's also going to need some Monty Python, being of the nerdy persuasion, but that's beyond my capabilities at present. Besides, someone there ought to be able to hook her up with that.


* * *

I've been getting spam which comes from "EMAIL ADMINISTRATOR" telling me that I am close to my "download limit". The only way for me to fix this is to email him my username and password, otherwise my account will be closed due to "inactivity".


* * *

Speaking of spam, today the folks who have been leaving no message on the answering machine but tying up the line, and whose caller ID says only "TOLL FREE CALL" and a number--finally there was an actual message left, and I interrupted it in the middle and said, "Let me talk to a person!"

It was Medicare spam. Nothing useful or necessary, so I told 'em so, and asked 'em to put the bunker on the "no call" list. I even told the woman she was just doing her job and wished her a good day.

That ought to cut down on the spam a bit more, hopefully.

* * *

Nice weather today. I hit McDonald's for food for the first time in several days.

I got to thinking that it's been 7 months since I changed the Jeep's oil--I last did it at the first "Car Repair Party" I went to at Og's cave--and I probably ought to grease the zerks and inspect the rear brakes, which have been squeaking a bit at times.

* * *

Steven has just redone his top rotation, and what's the first image I saw? This one of Erza and Lucy.

Made my day, I tell you.

Update: Steven has not redone his top rotation yet; I'm informed this image is from the last batch. Why did I not see it before?? Oh well! Got it now!

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