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#2605: Let's look at the facts re: Fukushima

Rod Adams has it.

It shows two things: radiation levels are unsafe in the vicinity of the reactors: if you were standing outside Fukushima #3 right now, you'd be exposed to as much as 300 millisieverts (mSv) per hour, which would elevate your risk of cancer to a statistically significant degree depending on how long you stood there.

It also shows that if you then ran to the main gate of the reactor complex, and stood there instead, you'd be exposed to 1.53 mSv per hour.

This is the kind of dosage information which the news reports are lacking.

The normal annual dose of radiation, from natural sources, is around 2.4 mSv per year. That's for a person who doesn't live underground and who lives at sea level, and who doesn't fly much or get x-rayed.

Just taking an international airplane trip exposes you to 0.19 mSv of radiation, because the main thing shielding Earth's surface from the radiation of space is its atmosphere, and commercial aircraft fly above most of it.

If you work in Grand Central Station--an enomous pile of granite--your annual radiation dose is higher than average.

An upper GI exposes you to 0.6 mSv. A chest x-ray gets you 0.05 mSv. A CAT scan, 6.9 mSv.

...let's look at the chest x-ray for a second. It's a total exposure of 0.05 mSv; the x-ray beam is essentally operating in "flashbulb" mode and it's only on for, what, a tenth of a second? Long enough to hear the thing run, anyway, and for it to register; so let's say it's a full second.

There's 3,600 seconds in an hour. 0.05 mSv per second, times 3,600 seconds per hour, makes it...180 mSv per hour.

About what we're seeing outside the reactor buildings at Fukushima.

* * *

Another fact-based explanation of what happened at Fukushima. None of this "worst nuclear disaster in history" nonsense.

* * *

The image at this post is emblematic of the entire Obama administration. I want to put it on a t-shirt.

* * *

No surprises here: the Tata Nano will run about $9,000 delivered. After taxes, title, license, doc, etc.

Still, $9,000 for a new car ain't so bad. It's certainly better than the $18,000 "Smart" car. Shit.

* * *

"Your ridiculously cool vintage Chevy V8 wallpaper is here", reads the title of this Jalopnik post.'s not cool and it certainly isn't "ridiculously cool". "Ridiculous", yes.

It's a freakin' picture of an exhaust pipe.

The "chevy V8" is a vague blur in the background and the only thing in focus is the end of the exhaust pipe.

Further proof that the guys at Gawker Media are morons.

* * *

Another preview of the Spring 2011 anime season and it contains no further cause for hope than the other one; there's nothing that really grabs my attention. Well, there are some things that might be good, and it's not like Kimi ni Todoke can go on forever.

The promo pic for Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi neatly encapsulates everything that is wrong about shounen ai. Look, there's a reason they call it "yaoi". Have you ever had a rectal exam? Well, the first time the doc shoves his finger into your anus, you yell, "YAOI!" And shounen ai stories are about fudgepackers. You do the math. At least the guy in front has the right facial expression for once.

...also because the Japanese like to come up with single-word expressions for complex phrases, like "OOWWWWW MY ASS!!!"

(Non-nude, totally safe for work picture, by the way.)

Now on to the series which look good to me on second glance:

The World Only God Knows--I skipped that series this past season primarily because of laziness; perhaps I'll grab it and the second series which is coming out this spring.

Nichijou sounds good, too.

A Channel looks okay.

Hen Zemi--maybe. This preview includes a pic of a naked woman on an inflatable dolphin, and...I can't explain it, but it looks hilarious.

* * *

According to Real Life Comics Pepsi Throwback has been made into a permanent product.

Now all I need is for them to put it in 24 oz bottles in 6-packs, and I can say goodbye to high fructose corn syrup!

* * *

So after I'd eaten my Big Mac meal, did some blogging and e-mail, I kind of petered out. I lay down in bed around 4-ish expecting to sleep for a few hours.

I slept until 2 AM, with a short period of consciousness around 8 or so when I fed the cats, switched the house to night mode, and ate a peanut butter sandwich.

I woke up feeling fine, but with a bit of a headache. Two grilled ham-and-cheese took care of most of that. Whatever ailment I am suffering, it seems to be slowly getting better.

* * *

It was warm enough today that I was able to open some windows and air out the house a bit. This was lucky for me, because one of the cats carpet-bombed the litter box. I didn't see which one; otherwise I'd ask the cat, "What the hell--were you saving that one up all winter?" I'm used to cat box odors, but this was a pervasive miasma that spread through the house and didn't dissipate. I had to open more windows and turn on the bathroom fan.

I clean the cat boxes every other day (more or less) so it's not because the cat couldn't bury it. I haven't changed their food lately, either. Jeeze louise.

* * *

Well, the maple trees are dripping sap and flowering. I saw a robin the other day and was reminded how Mom always looked forward to their return.

There's greenery popping up all over the place and pretty soon I'll have to get the wire fence out to protect the tulips.

...and the grass will need cutting.

Sometimes I wonder about the druid/pagan rituals. That crap's old enough that it just might have come from the end of the last ice age, because there must have been some point at which, one year, spring suddenly returned to the northern hemisphere. It must have seemed miraculous (or apocalyptic) to the people who lived at that time, since they lacked things like history and written language (and since the ice age been around longer than human sentience, anyway).

This occurs to me because I was thinking, "Spring always comes"--and then realized that no, no it doesn't--not during an ice age. There are simply periods of "less cold winter". Sure, the Earth's axial tilt doesn't change, and there are still equinoxes and solstices, but the actual climate is neverending cold. It's not really "summer" when it's snowing, you know?

So there must've been a time when it got significantly warmer--suddenly--and I'm sure people were panicking over it. Then, after a few years, they realized that Hey, this isn't so bad, after all! And before long they were starting to worry about things going back to the way they were, ie neverending they began trying to find ways to keep the gods from turning the thermostat back down.

* * *

Maybe what I need right now is cinnamon rolls. I ought to go find out.

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