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#2611: Just a few things.

Amazon no longer has any Illinois affiliates thanks to Illinois Democrats. Way to go, Democrats! Raise the price of doing business in IL! That'll fix the state's budget problems! making it declare bankruptcy.

* * *

Another Spring 2011 anime preview.

SofTenni is sports anime about a girls' tennis team. We'll see how it goes.

I now have a pretty good idea what the spring season is going to look like, and I've got a short list of stuff I want to watch for.

* * *

After I finished the last post, I went to take a nap and ended up sleeping for eight hours. *sigh*

Well, the cats didn't bother me and the phone didn't ring.

...the "do not call" listing seems to be working. Little by little the number of spam calls is decreasing. Mom used to answer calls and tell the person she wasn't interested; what she never did was to say, "Please take our number off your list." That would have reduced the number of callbacks.

Oh well. Of course when I move to a new bunker, its number will be unlisted, and go on the do-not-call registry immediately.

* * *

Sixth Sense creeped me right the hell out, but as I was falling asleep this afternoon it occurred to me that I've only seen it one time. It'd be interesting to see it again knowing how it ends, because I could then see how Shyamalamadingdong handled some of the situations.

I mean, there's one scene where the kid is talking to Bruce Willis when his mother is there, and because of how things turned out--well, I can't explain it without spoilers. (I realize that just about everyone in the universe has seen the movie. Just in case the one person who hasn't seen it is reading....)

The scene that creeped me right the hell out was the one where the kid's mother is looking at photographs of the kid, and notices the "lens flare" over his shoulder in every one of them. That gimme the jibblies so bad I had to sleep with the lights on for more than a week after seeing the movie. (I'm not even exaggerating. I am a big vagina. Then again, this was before I had an RX for Xanax.)

Nothing else really bothered me--particularly not the "jump takes" where the kid was talking to some ghost and then the ghost turned or moved and you saw these big hideous wounds or scars. Bah. My friend's wife jumped and yelped when the one ghost kid said, "Let's go look at my dad's gun!" and turned and the back of his head was a bloody ruin; her reaction startled me more than the movie did.

Well, it's hard to present a story which is effectively creepy without resorting to the tricks of the trade. It has to be well-written; without that foundation the entire effort will fail, and Hollywood is all about polishing turds.

But the "lens flare" thing was damn good filmmaking, and if I ever see an entire movie about ghosts which is that effective, I'll never be able to sleep again. So score one for lousy writing, I guess, which is a first for me. WTF.

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