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#2614: Relaxing rainy Sunday.

Ah, a calm Sunday, with a spring rain outside; nothing needs doing, and nothing can be done, so I don't have to feel guilty about doing nothing.

I slept well enough, and woke up with a plan in mind for my day for accomplishing the following chores:
feed cats
make beef stroganoff for dinner in the crock pot
get something cheap from McDonald's for brunch
What I'd wanted to do was to get up and do it in the order presented. Problem is, I've got chronic hypoglycemia; I can't do that much on an empty stomach. Knowing this, I altered the order before I even tossed the blanket off myself. I'd get up, feed the cats, get the beef stroganoff going, then go get food; after that, I could shower and shop at my leisure. It's not as energy-efficient and it requires that I make two trips, but it also prevents my being rushed to the hospital in a hypoglycemic coma. We can't have everything.

So here I am: eating some McDoubles and bloggeratin'. Halfway through the "to-do" list. It's been long enough since I last had beef stroganoff that I'm eagerly anticipating it, and wishing I could eat it now rather than these slodge burgers.

I modified the recipe this time, and we'll see how it goes. Instead of using french onion soup mix, I put the meat in the crock pot with a quartered onion, and took some turkey broth from the freezer.

Mom was always making soup stock from turkey and chicken bones, because A) she grew up during the Depression and WW2; and B) it lets you control what's in the broth you use for cooking. I think about 1/8th of the freezer volume is consumed with 16 oz plastic containers that once held cottage cheese and which now hold frozen soup stock. It's all home-made, low-fat and low sodium stuff.

Besides the stock, there's also a crapton of frozen pecans. Every year around Halloween Mom would order a big sack of pecans in the shell, and then whenever she was watching TV she'd shell them. Nearly all would end up as perfect halves, and then she'd fill one of the ubiquitous cottage cheese containers with pecan halves and freeze it. Come the holidays, she'd make pecan pies and pecan tarts and a bunch of other good stuff. Well, this year, she managed the pecan tarts before having her stroke; so there's a bunch of pecans and walnuts in there.

I've been using them, a little here and there. Like when I made brownies, I just used the first container of nuts that hit my hand (that wasn't attached to me, anyway) and ended up putting chopped walnuts into my brownies. I might try making chocolate chip cookies again, only this time I'll put in pecans instead of walnuts; I'm told that's a good combination.

Little by little I pare down the inventory of the freezer. And mirabile visu the refrigerator isn't running as much these days, probably because the freezer isn't cram-packed with stuff and the cold air can circulate.

* * *

So the blog-vine tells me there's a gunblogger meet in Indianapolis this afternoon. At least, that's what it sounds like; seems like they happen whenever the big Indy 1500 gun show happens, and it's happening this weekend.

I'm not there because I can't afford to spend $50 on gas just to go socialize for a couple hours. ($50 on gas, plus admission to the funshow, plus food, plus plus plus....) I'd normally get a ride with Og and company, and they're not going because...well, one source says "family activity" but Og has said nothing, and it's probably none of my business anyway. (Midwest Chick and Mr. B may be going, but I don't know them well enough to hitch a ride with them.)

If I hadn't begged off going to my nephew's birthday in Feb because that was $50 worth of gas I couldn't afford, I might be able to find a way to rationalize going--but if I can't make it to my nephew's birthday party because of the high cost of fuel, then I really can't justify spending an equivalent amount to socialize with some aquaintances I've met once. (Nice people though they are.)

I don't have to like it.

* * *

Somewhere recently I saw that the price of diesel fuel in Venezuela is like $0.10 per gallon.


Difference between Venezuela and US: Venezuela exploits its domestic resources.

If diesel were $0.10 per gallon here--well, it can't be, because of all the fuel taxes. But that would still put diesel under $1.00 per gallon once you added in all the taxes, and absolutely everything would be diesel.

* * *

Who would have thought that Dennis Kucinich would be true to his principles? Kucinich was like a Whac-a-Mole impeachment machine during the Bush administration; seemed like every other week the guy was popping up with a proposition to impeach Bush. And if not Bush, then Cheney, which made even less sense.

This time, it's Obama who pushed the button, and Kucinich is actually suggesting that Obama be impeached.

Someone go get me a temperature on hell!

* * *

Apparently domestic violence is just fine as long as it's against men and "doesn't do any damage".

* * *

Damn it--a site I went to brought up one of those popup pages you can't possibly dismiss unless you want malware loaded on your system.

I'm pretty sure this is the gimmick: a window pops up and immediately displays a dialog box saying "You've won!" or some other nonsense, and you can't just close it. Hitting the "close" gadget does nothing but flash the "you've won!" box, and if you click on the dialog box anywhere, it's "in with the malware!" because the box is programmed to funnel the click into the routine that gives the system permission to install stuff in administrator mode.

The idea being that you keep the user from being able to do anything about the box to close it without clicking on it first.

...the first time I saw this led to the massive malware infection I got on this system; I'm not doing that again. When that shit pops up, I CTRL-ALT-DEL and close Firefox from the task manager.


* * *

Well, I guess I need to get off the computer and get after the remaining chores. Let's see--shower and shopping. Yeah.


Where's my robot??

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