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#2616: Massive inflation on the way?

It's possible.


I am so screwed. I'd better learn how to hunt and dress deer. And geese--there are plenty of geese around here.

* * *

Cato Institute says something guys like me knew all along. Bush was a country-club Republican. So was his dad.

* * *

Kudos to this guy for punishing his kids for bullying. His son and daughter (!) were beating the crap out of a kid and broke his jaw--because he wears glasses.

Yeah, you guys are real badasses, aren't you? Two against one--you guys are just tough as nails.

...anyway their father took away their toys (his car, her horse) and sold them, and took them to police and let the police arrest them for assault and battery. Cool.

* * *

Rod Adams points out that the Chiba refinery fire in Japan has only just been put out--finally, after burning continuously for 9 days!--and probably only because it's finally exhausted its supply of fuel.

* * *

Japan's society is much more polite than ours.

Neal Steinberg has a complex about it. Steinberg annoys the crap out of me, and the only reason I know about today's column is that Mom's subscription to the liberal rag that employs him has not yet expired.

He goes to great pains to report that there were 40 robberies in Miyagi Prefecture. "That's looting!"

I don't think he has any idea how many people live in Miyagi. 320 per square kilometer, a total population of 2.3 million.

Now, I can't seem to find crime rate statistics for Miyagi Prefecture, but in 2008 there were 2.56 million crimes committed in Japan. Japan's population is about 120,000,000, so that amounts to 0.021 crimes per person.

2.3 million times 0.021 is 49,067, which is 134 crimes per day.

...and there were 40 robberies in Miyagi Prefecture in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami.

Yeah. "Looting". "See? Those Japanese aren't better than us! Their society isn't better than ours! They're just as bad as we are and it's just not being reported!"

Looting occurs due to a breakdown in social order--people who have no real scruples go and grab things because they can, even though they're of no immediate use. (Like a guy stealing a flat-screen TV in the middle of a flood.) In the wake of the earthquake, social order hasn't broken down in Japan--and that makes some people livid.

* * *

Which is not to say that the Japanese are moral paragons or anything; they're not. But their society is organized around the concept of the group, and their social mores frown upon anything that makes the group look bad. Bringing shame upon the group (especially when the group is your family!) is verboten, and things like looting are guaranteed to do exactly that.

But of course if the whole group is behind the idea of raping, looting, and pillaging, you'll get the Rape of Nanking and the Bataan Death March and all kinds of other loveliness.

They're not perfect.

* * *

I am unbelievably unmotivated today.

I'm waiting for it to get a bit warmer before I go do Jeep maintenance. Sitting here, I noticed that it was 11, so I decided, WTF, I'd listen to Limbaugh.

I don't listen to Limbaugh much any longer. I blog stuff, and I've found myself blogging about things before he talks about them--and I say much the same things he says about them. I realized there was no point to me listening to him when he's A) just going to say what I already think, and B) going to add all kinds of irritating foofooraw to it.

The thing that makes me turn him off each and every time is when he starts a show by playing Paul Shanklin tunes--several in a row--and the sound skits, and doesn't make with the commentary. I don't listen to him because I want to hear parody tunes and skits; I listen to him because I want to hear him talking about stuff. Eventually I got so sick of that nonsense that I stopped listening habitually.

Well, working in a big grounded steel box did not help. Even though I was literally right across the street from the transmitter, I couldn't listen to his show, because I worked at R-C--where they make radios. It's hard to test a receiver or develop sensitive electronic circuits when whatever signals you're looking at are being swamped by 600 kHz AM, so the entire place is shielded out the wazoo.

Anyway, so today I was--for a change--making a point to tune in to his show at the very beginning, because I thought it'd be nice to hear what he has to say for a change. Watch this, I thought. It'll be someone sitting in for him.

Get through the weather and traffic, and the lead-in; then the theme starts playing and what do I hear but "Sitting in today for--"

I laughed and shut the radio off. Oh well.

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