atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2622: Screencap from Princess Maker 2

I have to laugh at this:

First off, the strategy guide told me how to get free money, so I did that; and I've been feeding Sayoko bust-enhancing pills about every third month since she was 13. Each pill adds 3/4 inch and I wanted to see if the art would change; it doesn't really.

Hence, the bust of 52 inches (!). She's barely taller than five feet and has bigger boobs than Dolly Parton. Unfortunately there's no way to undo that, so she's stuck with 'em.

The dress is called "demon tights" for obvious reasons. What I'm not showing is Sayoko in the "un-dress", which is basically invisible clothing so she's nude all the time. Maybe after she hits 18 I'll throw up a link to an image of that for all you anime pervs who like to look at cartoon boobs. (Like me. *sigh*)

Besides the bust-enhancing pills there's "ancient milk" which makes the princess lose 2-3 lbs. Depending on where and how you spend free time, she can gain or lose weight; after a summer vacation spent at the seashore she was down to 98 lbs. The waistline changes noticeably when slimming.

This game is highly addictive, for all that it's awfully repetitive. My biggest complaint is the music; it's not bad the first dozen times you hear it, but after 50,000,000 repetitions you want to shoot something.

I wonder if I can find the other ones somewhere.

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