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#2623: How many lives "saved or created"?

Obomber sez "we have already saved lives".

Like they've already saved jobs, you know.

* * *

Do I need to subscribe to Mad Magazine? At my age?? 'Cause I gotta say, Alfred E. Neuman has always given me the creeps.

* * *

Egad: Midwest Chick says this:
Solar Power: Spain--Spain was the poster child for solar power. Only it turned out that it wasn't actually solar power. It was diesel generated lighting on solar panels to generate solar power at night. Since the government was subsidizing the cost, it was more profitable to bring in generators so the panels could work 24/7. Without the subsidies, the solar power craze will (and is) crumbling.
Are you shitting me?

It appears that she may have misunderstood what the article says:
After press reports, it was established during inspections that several solar power plants were generating current and feeding it into the net at night. To simulate a larger installation capacity, the operators connected diesel generators.
The generators were connected to the power grid, thus pumping electricity into the system and making it look as if the solar power plant was producing power in the dark.

...because if they had actually been running generators to shine lights on solar panels at night, I would have lost all faith in humanity.

Midwest Chick's error does not mean that solar power is an efficient and practical alternative to nuclear or fossil fuel power. The fact is, the guys operating the solar plant tried to scam everyone by adding the output of diesel generators to whatever minor current the solar plant could supply.

* * *

DOOM DOOM DOOM!!! Economic doom and gloom! All kinds of it! Portugal! California! Illinois! Big US banks! We're all screwed!

It's still a matter of "when", not "if".

* * *

Mike Flynn has an odds and ends post today, and I especially like the third one, "If only civil servants could marry." Nice use of irony.

* * *

"Deäthtöngüe" himself says that entertainers who boycott Israel are idiots.

Eh? Gene Simmons. Lead singer for KISS. ("Dr. Pepper. It's amazingly smooth." Still the best-ever commercial for sody pop, IMHO.) Inspiration for Berkeley Breathed's fictional band with Bill the Cat as the lead guitarist. (Later renamed "Billy and the Boingers" after Tipper Gore got her panties in a wad over Prince's extrusions.)

* * *

"The fact that liberals are so terrified of science that they chronically wet themselves wouldn't be half as annoying if they didn't go around boasting about their deep respect for science, especially compared to conservatives." God love Ann Coulter!

* * *

So last night my e-daughter in Princess Maker 2 reached the age of 18, which is where the game ends. She ended up marrying "a wizard" and working in a restaurant.

I didn't grab a pic of her in the "undress" but I expect I'll be playing the game some more; it's f-ing addictive. I want to see how the princess develops without "Buxomizer" pills, if they use different graphics or just the same pic with a bigger number in the stats box. I also want to try working on different skills and try for different outcomes.

So I've started a new daughter named "Yucie". Heh.

* * *

In WoW, Amaleni hit 85th level. Whee!

* * *

Dinner last night ended up being KFC; and I realized that if I bought the "2 breast 2 wing" meal, it was as much food as two fill-up boxes for a dollar less than those two would cost. I ended up making two meals out of it, which worked out fine.

* * *

Anyway, I guess Yucie isn't going to raise herself. Later!

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