atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2626: I won it.

Yucie ended up marrying the prince and becoming a real princess.

But first she becomes the king's general:

A couple times I took her to the beach on vacation, and saw an image I hadn't seen with Sayoko. It's NSFW, so click on the pic below to see it:

Apparently the land where the game takes place has all kinds of clothes, but no one has invented the bathing suit yet. Or maybe they're just all naturists. Who knows?

Now, it also turns out that the measurement is just a number. The waist size and weight will change the picture a bit, but the boob size is the same. Sayoko has a 58 inch bust and Yucie has a 36 inch bust, yet the drawings are identical:

...and yeah, I think I might be concentrating a bit too much on all this. What do you expect? I haven't had a girlfriend for eighteen months and there's no sign of anything getting better--ever!--so WTF else can I do?

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