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#2627: Bet your ass we are.

"Tea Party Movement Growing Weary of GOP Budget Plan" goes the headline of this Fox News piece.

...I'm not really a TEA partier myself, but I am highly sympathetic to their positions--one of which being STOP SPENDING MONEY WE DON'T HAVE YOU F-ING IDIOTS--and the GOP sweep of the polls in November of 2010 was propelled by the Democrat lunacy of spending $1,500 billion per year over and above the $2,000 billion the government was already spending. The $455 billion extra during Bush's last year in office was bad enough.

In general, our economy can handle it when our government spends $100 or $200 billion extra each year. That's a lot of money, but it's about 10% of total federal receipts, making for a government that spends about 110% of its income. That's not good, but it's manageable.

$1,500 billion is 75% of the federal government's income. So when the government is spending $3,500 billion and only taking in $2,000 billion in revenue, it's spending 175% of its income. That's neither good nor manageable; it is, in fact, unsustainable and insane.

After two years of Obamanomics, TEA partiers voted for stopping the insanity and we got a major GOP sweep of Congress.

The GOP has always positioned itself as the party of low taxes and fiscal sanity; but particularly during the Bush years they have governed more like moderate Democrats. That's why they lost Congress in 2008: it's just not a compelling reason to vote for a guy when he says, "I'm less of a Democrat than my opponent is." And plenty of voters are smart enough to read between the lines.

The GOP victory in 2010 was the result of two things. Mostly it was a function of turnout; people were angry about ObamaCare and they were unhappy with the deficit. Many of us on the dexter side of the aisle cast our votes for Republicans with a caveat: don't screw this up; it's your last chance.

And so the GOP gets back into power and what does it do? It immediately runs to the center and starts governing like "Democrat Lite" again. "Well, we can cut $62 billion from this year's budget...."

What? The Democrats added fifteen hundred billion to the budget in 2009 and you guys can't find ways to economize on that? $62 billion is an insult to our intelligence. It's ludicrous--and they're not even managing that; they're doing continuing resolutions and cutting $2 billion per week, which might add up to $104 billion at the end of the year if we're lucky.

So next year the federal government will only spend $1,400 billion more than they take in? Or will we have to slog through the whole weary thing again thanks to the idiotic way Congress does budgets?

TEA partiers gave the GOP Congress with the expectation that the GOP would restore some semblance of fiscal sanity. Instead they're making token efforts and offering us rounding errors because--after all--real budgetary discipline is hard.
"The speaker – and every Republican in the House – is frustrated by the pace of the debate, but the blame lies squarely with the Democrats who run Washington, D.C.," Boehner spokesman Michael Steel said in an e-mail to

"The House passed a bill that funds the government for the remainder of the year while cutting spending," he said. "It's the Democrats who are insisting on the status quo, and no one should be happy with the status quo."
But you're not cutting spending! You're offering to cut $62 billion from a $3,500 billion budget--which isn't even two freakin' percent--and you're not doing anything to make the Democrats look bad.

The Democrats know that all they have to do is to stop the bill, and you'll fold on the issue. What you should be doing is hammering the issue every day--don't let Congress do anything else until and unless a budget is passed that cuts spending seriously. But you're not doing that, because the press will say mean things about you, and you'll stop getting invited to the big parties.

And saying that we're "growing weary" is putting it nicely. We're pissed off.

Hugh Hewitt says it best:
About two dozen Republican [members of the Appropriations Committee] stand between the House GOP and serious spending reform. If they cannot be moved, the Tea Party and conservative activists will seek to remove them. The days of campaigning as a conservative and spending like a Democrat are done, and if the appropriators don't change, voters sick with worry about a government addicted to trillion-dollar deficits will change them.
You bet your ass we will.

* * *

I don't think we'll vote for Democrats, though. The days of the Democrat party producing serious fiscal conservatives have been over for a very long time.

* * *

Some greenies have brains; and when they stop reciting the eco-nazi catechisms long enough to use them, they end up realizing that nuclear power is green.

It's a hell of a lot greener than anything else we've got.

* * *

US has tons of energy we're not allowed to exploit. It's all off-limits to us.

We could be paying $1 per gallon for gas right now if we'd been allowed to exploit our domestic sources of energy, even with the world price of crude at $100 per barrel.

Actually, were that true, it wouldn't be $100 per barrel. The US is still the #1 consumer of petroleum; if we stopped buying any foreign oil and used our own, the world price would drop just because of the reduction in demand.

* * *

Krauthammer has some good comments on Obomber's War.

* * *

I ended up taking half a Xanax last night. I realize now that I jumped into playing Princess Maker 2 yesterday rather than think about my frustration with the whole health insurance fiasco, and the reminder it gave of my general situation in life.

That was after a whole host of other relaxation techniques didn't work; and even after taking the pill I was still--

Well, it sucks to think you've got a solution for a problem only to have that solution and its backup yanked nearly simultaneously from under your feet. Particularly when it's a pretty major problem.

Anyway, I played WoW and then PM2, and 40 hands of solitaire, and even after listening to music I was still depressed and frustrated--hence half a tab of Xanax, which worked.

...and I slept until 3. *sigh*

I got up around 9 long enough to feed cats and bring in the paper and garbage cans, but after that I just went thud again. I zonked so hard that I didn't say anything when the cats had a spat and woke me up--normally that infuriates me and I yell at them ("Knock it off!") but I just went, "Eh? Oh," and went back to sleep.

So, here I sit in solemn joy. I need food, and I'm out of ham and cheese. Might as well hit the store for a couple things.

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