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#2629: Man, that was a good meal

So I had a nap after the last post. I'm still not feeling 100%, so I felt justified; and after I got up, I was very hungry, so I started making dinner. Dinner ended up being (as mentioned previously) lemon-pepper chicken, mashed potatos, and despairagus.

I outdone myself.

The chicken was just right, not overdone and nicely flavored. The despairagus was cooked perfectly. The potatos--well, they're instant, and you can't screw them up but you also can't make them better than "right", anyway.

Dessert--I put a brownie in an ice cream dish and microwaved it for about 30 seconds, then scooped ice cream atop it and added chocolate and caramel sauce. It was delicious.

It's not really compensation for the last 24 hours, but it was nice to have a good dinner, anyway.

* * *

GDP grew 4th quarter 2010, but there are a few caveats.

1) Imports were negative. Any time imports go down, GDP rises.

2) Domestic purchases dropped 0.2%.

...government spending was probably most of the GDP growth we saw in the last quarter of 2010. Wholesale purchases were down and represented the largest decrease in sales.

GDP is only a useful statistic during a normal economy, and it's certainly not indicative of any real economic growth when the government is spending 175% of its total revenue.

20 years from now the historians will be saying, "Yep, the GDP numbers sure were screwy in 2010 and 2011; those idiots actually thought they were in a recovery."

* * *

WORM has more info about the workers getting "radiation burns" at Fukushima.

Here's an interesting fact I didn't know about beta radiation until now: you can get something like sunburn from it, even at nonlethal doses. That makes sense when you think about it, because a 1" piece of wood will stop all beta particles and human skin is slightly less dense than wood. Beta radiation is bad for you, but as long as the air's not blue with Cerenkov radiation you're probably not getting a lethal dose.

So if some guys are standing in water that's emitting beta radiation, and they get "10,000 times the normal dose!!!" of beta radiation, it's possible they'll get "sunburn" from it...and suffer a slightly elevated risk of skin cancer somewhere down the line.

The scaremongering continues, because "ONOES THE NUKEZ!!!!11`11`1one" *sigh*

* * *

Ha ha ha, our reporter got locked in a closet, ha ha ha, isn't that amusing? "A politician’s thugs locked a 'journalist' in a closet to keep him from circulating with the paying guests and the paper laughs it off."

...if a Republican had done it....

* * *

So I'm sitting here, and one of the lights is flickering, and finally it grabs my attention--WTF?--and the light by the bed is looking really dim. Thinking that heat cycling has loosened the CFL bulb again, I go to check it--

The damn thing was smoking, and as I looked at it the thing went dark and emitted a fresh puff of acrid smoke, the kind of "burning silicon" stink you can't get out of your nostrils unless you dip Q-tips in Vick's Salve and swab out your nose.

I thought the damn things were supposed to last for five years. This one's not older than three, for Christ's sake. This wasn't a cheap Chinese one, either; it's a Sylvania 3-way bulb. (I realize it was probably made in China regardless, but it's got a brand name on it; doesn't that mean anything?)

On the plus side the bulb is intact, which means no mercury for me! On the minus side, the electronics are totally shot. Oh well.

You know, if an incandescent bulb burns out, it quietly goes out. Maybe it makes a slight "pop" as it does. But this damn thing--if I hadn't been here to turn the thing off, would it have caught fire? I mean, it was smoking!

* * *

So if flying in a dream means you're sexually frustrated, what does it mean when you're swinging on a swing?

* * *

Thanks to my nap this afternoon I still feel like being awake. I need a shower and there's anime to be watched, so what am I doing here?

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