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#2632: When was Thatcher last Prime Minister anyway?

1990, according to Wikipedia. That's 21 years ago.

The "anarchists" protesting England's budget cuts don't have any trouble using her face on posters at a protest march, though.

Most of the idiot kids at that march were still in diapers when Thatcher was PM. I guess it's the same kind of thing as American leftists using their hatred of Reagan as some kind of shibboleth and/or touchstone. Doesn't mean it has to make sense; anyway most of the American handjobs have Bush, anyway.

But it headlines a Boortz piece about what we can expect from unions this summer: violence, threats, thuggery, etc. The usual union schtick. Whee!

Look: socialism is unsustainable. It's been tried all over the place, and it's failed every time it's been tried, because it's nothing but a Ponzi scheme. It works only as long as there are enough producers in the economy to support the takers; but welfare is essentially a subsidy for non-production--the government gives money to people who do nothing but consume--and any time you subsidize an activity you get more of it.

Eventually the takers far outnumber the producers, and there's a practical limit to how much you can squeeze out of the producers before they get fed up and either leave the country or become takers themselves. This way lies ruin.

So when socialism fails--as it inevitably must--there are going to be riots and unrest and all kinds of temper tantrums as the takers realize the gravy train has ended, and now they've got to get off their duffs and work...and it's not fair and you promised and the older kids got some!

* * *

Gigantic radio telescope to be built. Multi-dish interferometer type--half its dishes spread over a square kilometer, with outliers up to 5,500 km away.

Ought to make for quite good resolution. It'll be interesting to see what comes out of the thing.

* * *

Advice Goddes on understanding islam. Good read.

* * *

Media ignores the "Kill Team" story because it would make Obama look bad. What other obvious answers do you need?

* * *

I played the stupidest game last night. It's part of a pack of Japanese h-games I'm torrenting. I don't know the name of it.

It's not translated, so I'm not sure what's going on exactly, but it appears that you play an invader from space. When the game begins you're treated to this far-too-long conversation between two bad guys; then you're presented with thumbnail images of about six girls. Click on one and... get to play Breakout. Yeah. WTF. (At least, that was the game with the girl I picked. It might be different for the others, but somehow I doubt it.)

Anyway, when you win the game, you're treated to a semi-animated sequence of the girl being sexed one way or another. First there's more of the too-long conversation sequence, where you have to click past each sentence; and then--


--this shadowy erection silhouette appears in the frame. I just about laughed my balls off. That noise--y'know, because when I get an erection it's always accompanied with the sound of tearing cloth! [Insert size joke here.]

(I suppose that the sound effect was supposed to be a zipper opening, but it didn't sound like that.)

There are several games in the pack but that's the one that finished downloading first. I have another one that I had to burn to 2 CDs, but I need to get a Japanese language pack installed on the computer before it'll work. This one, however, has an actual animation sequence (though a cheap one) for an OP, and the OP theme was done by the same band that did the OPs for Hayate no Gotoku, so clearly this game was actually produced by someone who had a budget.

Mostly I find Japanese H games (eroge) hilarious, because they're usually ridiculous rather than sexy, but that entertainment value alone makes them worthwhile.

* * *

Last night I decided I wanted Chinese for dinner, so I ordered "Lucky 7".

I ate two helpings at one sitting. The second helping was smaller than the first, but I don't normally go back for seconds anyway. I was hungry; also, it tasted good.

* * *

After getting his Macintosh SE in 198x, a friend got some pirated software; after that he wrote a letter to another friend which contained this line: "I guess I just think it's okay to steal! And if someone offered me crack, I'd drive drunk to the polls to vote for Hitler!"

* * *

Hammacher-Schlemmer keeps sending catalogs to the bunker because Mom ordered something from them once, and the latest one's cover features a device that I can't determine the function of. So what came to mind?
The Self-Propelled Dildo
Now with realistic foreskin action, this otherwise innocuous-looking device will--
...and the rest is a description of the benefits of ownership, something even I am not perverted enough to want to bother with.

What it is, in fact, is a bluetooth cellphone headset which also captures video. There's nothing on the cover to give a sense of scale, dang it.

None of my humor is SFW any longer. That's what happens when you find yourself living the life of a lonely otaku.

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