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#2636: Yeah, I guess it was worse than I thought.

I find myself reluctant to go to bed while it's dark out thanks to that nightmare I had Wednesday morning.

I watched anime, I played WoW; I did the shopping, had a shower; I had dinner and I had a snack.


And I'm still unsettled by it--it was that bad--though at least I didn't wake up screaming or anything.

To date, I've done that once: last year I had this really creepy dream that I was eight or so and there was this guy who was trying to molest me, and one of the cats jumped on the bed just as he grabbed me in the dream--I woke up with a yelp, throwing the covers off. (It probably also scared the crap out of the cat.)

...but the one on Wednesday was pretty bad, and so I'm trying to find any excuse not to be in bed--hence the blogging, even though I'm really tired and there isn't anything I want to do.

Sad state of affairs when you're 43 and afraid of the dark. Well, it's not really the dark that I'm afraid of, anyway.

I think that one qualifies as the second worst ever nightmare. The first worst happened in 1991; and at least then I had a girlfriend sleeping with me, so I wasn't alone in the dark when I woke up from it. This time--*sigh*. At least it was morning.

* * *

Today would have been Mom's 84th birthday. When I went shopping I saw that Little Debbie now makes blueberry rolls like their strawberry ones. I bought a box. Pity they didn't start making those a year ago; Mom would have liked them. She liked blueberry anything.

* * *

Anyway, Fairy Tail ep 26--our heroes are screwed, and though it's obvious they're going to win the war against the other guild, it's hard to see how. Erza's pretty much done. Gray and Elfman are down. Lucy's lost her keys. The evil guild's master has control over phantoms (hence the name of the guild, "Phantom Lord") and the guild regulars face a neverending stream of life-draining phantoms; they're all chewed up and running out of power.

And the master of Phantom Lord, Jose, hasn't expended so much as a tenth of his power yet, and has just stepped into the fight.

...the end of this story arc is going to be epic. I barely have enough willpower to keep myself from mainlining it.

Erza--holy shit, I love her. She took a direct hit from a huge weapon and was incapacitated for several episodes; then suddenly this happens:

I won't say how, why, or when, so it's not quite a spoiler. I will say that she's running on fumes when she does this--right back into the action, and that's after she's done something else that's fucking epic.

That girl is awesome. She's my hero. I want to marry her.

* * *

This is my new desktop image:

Misaki Ayuzawa, the main character of Kaichou-wa Maid Sama. She's at home, and not in her maid uniform; I'd like to get an image of her in her maid uniform but one hasn't happened yet in the anime that I really like and doesn't have text all over it. The only fansub I can find of it is hard-subbed, damn it, so I can't shut off the subtitles! Argh etc.

It's a nicer expression than the previous pic of her I posted. The gentle smile suits her best.

* * *

ToLoveRu is, at its core, a rehash of Urusei Yatsura. I said that before when I saw the first episode of the first series.

Ep 6 of Motto ToLoveRu contains one of the most blatant knock-offs yet: they did their own version of the UY "Watermelon God" episode, which is still the funniest ep of UY I ever saw.

Instead of finding a watermelon god, though, Lala's sister (who can talk to plants) teleported a watermelon alien from some other world because they were at the beach and wanted to split a watermelon blah-blah-blah. It was huge and had arms and legs and a huge tongue (kind of like the planet on the cover of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the one making horns and sticking its tongue out).

Also similar to Hitchhiker, this was a watermelon which was glad to be eaten (though it couldn't say so clearly and distinctly) and everything was fine until several of the cast insulted the thing, saying it didn't look like it was very tasty or anything. Naturally the watermelon alien got angry.

Main attack: spitting watermelon juice (instead of seeds).

Secondary attack: spitting seeds, though they only did that once. (The UY version only spat seeds.)

It was funny, and it was nice to see Yui in a bikini, but c'mon, guys--do you really have to mine UY to come up with stories?

...but it was one segment of three--the second series is composed almost entirely of eight-minute vignettes, three to an episode--and the other two segments weren't copies of UY. (Most of them aren't, as far as I can tell.)

* * *

At the store I hit the deli: ham was on sale at a price that made sense; I could get a pound for what half a pound of the usual stuff cost, so I bought that instead.

And what did I see but bacon cheddar cheese? Real cheese, I mean, not "flavored pasteurized prepared cheese product". So I bought 1/4 lb to try it; and then I saw cheddar cheese with buffalo wing spice so I got 1/4 lb of that. I might have bought as much as $3 of cheese that way, and I'll try it out soon.

With that latter kind, hopefully I won't need to "repurpose" fudgsicles the way Og has mentioned doing....

Cat food, milk, bread, sandwich stuff, sundries--$53. Argh. The cat food has gone up $1 a flat (24 cans to a flat, formerly $10.59, now $11.59) but that's about a week's worth, so it's okay. (Eight days, figuring one can per cat per day; two indoor cats and one outdoor. About $0.48 per can, which is acceptable. And they don't like any other kind as much, anyway.)

But there's no inflation or anything. *sigh*

Anyway, so I'm at the deli counter and Chicago's "You're the Inspiration" comes on the Muzak system. That song has too many sad reminders of high school in it; it was the theme for the senior prom I didn't go to and it reminds me of things I'd rather forget. But you know, WTF, it's one song and it's not really all the big a deal, is it? After all, that was 26 years ago; and even at my most melodramatic--when I was a teenager--one song wasn't able to drag me down. I'm a lot more mature now.

So I get finished with my shopping and head to the cash register, and another version of that fucking song comes on which was either a concert version or someone's lame cover of it. I didn't need to hear it once; I certainly didn't need to hear it twice. WTF.

...I am convinced that the universe does this solely because it hates me.

So on my way out to the truck I was singing the song, because now it was stuck in my head, and the lyrics were things closer to "go away and don't bother me" and "I don't even want to see you" and such than the real ones, because that's basically how I feel about all that nonsense now.

I guess life has pretty much beaten all the romance out of me.

* * *

I don't remember where I got this:

...but it's pretty much how I feel about the way they show idiots firing guns in movies and on TV.

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