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#2637: The return of the rounding error.

Ace has two posts about the budget debate, and neither of them are good news:

"Oh, Dear: Now I Do Think A Lame Sell-Out Compromise Has Been Reached On Spending, Because The Liberals Are Spinning It As A Conservative Victory Update: Could Just Be More Liberal Spin".

"The Real Budget Debate?"

Both posts are about the fact that we're not getting any real spending cuts out of this Congress. We're getting $33 billion.

The latter link makes the excellent point that if the GOP is unwilling to fight for cuts this year, why should we expect them to be willing to fight next year? 2012 is an election year.

* * *

Airplane contrails cause more global warming. Which is why we've had such cold winters in the past few years, don't you know.

* * *


Teenagers are stupid. Okay? Can we get that out of the way right now? Teenagers are stupid.

Soak a tampon in vodka and cram it into a nether orofice, and get drunk. "Boys have reportedly also been using tampons anally."



* * *

"When 'liberated' sluts become moms", how do they tell their kids not to do what they did?

* * *

Another Ace post, this one about economic doom. Or--wait, make that "economic DOOM!"

Yeah, we're screwed.

* * *

Well, I made grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with the stuff I got the other day.

The bacon cheese is, well, bacony. It's pretty good. The buffalo wing spice cheese--whoo! I took one bite of that sandwich and damn was it spicy!

There was one slice of that cheese on that sandwich. It's a keeper; that sandwich tasted good. It's not the kind of thing you want to eat a ton of, because it'll make your "output" radioactive, but I think I can handle having a couple slices of it per day without that happening.

* * *

Sleep travails continue: though I had half a Xanax and hit the hay around 4, I didn't fall asleep until after 6, which was after the sun had started to come up.


* * *

Og sent me this link to a Harbor Freight page which has exactly the sort of thing I was thinking of for transporting a motorcycle.

There are a couple things I don't like about it.

1) The motorcycle is carried too far back. Too much space between the bike and the vehicle. I understand this is a universal application--it's for whatever motorcycle you might happen to have that weighs less than 400 lbs--but I'd want the bike closer in.

2) The front wheel is secured with a bar passing between the spokes. Not good for chrome rims, if you know what I mean. This lets you lock the bike to the carrier pretty securely, but I'd rather find a more elegant solution.

Otherwise, if I had a job right now, I'd already be on my way to Harbor Freight. Dang.

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