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#264: This is the face of "universal health care"

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8 hours, three hospitals later....

And we still can't find any doctor who can help my grandma. She took a bad fall this morning on an icy patch outside of a carwash and broke both of her wrists and smashed her face up pretty bad. This happened back home, so my Dad ran her into our local "Health Center" and they took a look at her and said that they don't feel comfortable working on her and that Dad shoud drive her to nearest city hospital. So into Dad's car they go, and they drive 45 mintutes to Prince Albert to the emergency room there. After waiting for over three hours, the receptionist told Dad that they are very backlogged and that their radiologist just finished up for the day. They then tell Dad he should take her to Saskatoon, which is in the other direction and another 2 and half hours away. So they are just on their way into town here now, and Dad says Grandma is in so much pain she is almost ready to pass out. None of the hospitals would even give her any sort of pain killers as there were no doctors available to prescribe anything during their wait at either hospital.

I just talked to Dad and he is about an hour and a half out of town here. I am heading down to the hospital now and am going to talk to the receptionist in advance and tell her of what has happened and see if there is any way they can get her in with as little wait as possible. I'll tell you, our healthcare may be free up here, but it is the biggest god damn joke when it actually comes time for you to need it. I have nothing but respect for our fine physicians, but our hospitals are so understaffed that it seems that situtations like this have become the norm. Words can't described how pissed I am right now at our health system. A ninety two year old woman in dire need of medical assistance and not one person willing or available to take a look at her. But hey, its free.

Please keep my grams in your thoughts. I'll post more when I get back from the hospital.

Do I actually need to add anything to this? I do?

Here in the USA the first hospital would have treated that poor woman. Hell, the clinic that her son took her to would have called an ambulance for her!

This is the kind of shit that the Democrats want to foist on us. They say that they don't but this will be the result if they socialize medicine in the United States.

This kind of thing has happened in every socialized or "universal" system since Engels and Marx. It happens every time socialized medicine is tried..

This is not compassion. It is not compassion when people who desperately need treatment have to spend eight fucking hours going from clinic to hospital to hospital in search of someone who is willing to start treatment!

Health care in the US might cost a lot but at least you can get treated!

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