atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2640: Job front: it gets better.

So I e-mailed Og and told him about getting the e-mail from #2, and what does he tell me?

He tells me that he knew about this well in advance--a couple weeks or so--but that he'd been sworn to secrecy.

So my reply began approximately thus:

They made the decision THAT QUICKLY?

Dang. I thought I bombed that shit. I was on my face with fatigue and no one but [owner] ever asked me any questions--and that part was just 10 minutes long and HE did most of the talking. Only last night I told my brother-in-law that I was pretty sure I'd crapped myself at that interview.
Only apparently I did not, after all, do any such thing, not if they made the decision that soon.

Apparently I'm a lousy judge of what makes a good interview, because I was confident that my interview at Og's employer had landed me a job, only it didn't...and a crapinous interview done on 3 hours of sleep was successful.

...of course, the employers also had differing criteria for what makes a good employee. Still.

Og has told me that once I get a job in his industry, I'll never need a real suit ever again except for things like weddings and funerals--he interviewed for his present job in a sport coat and khakis, and the work is dirty enough that his company has a uniform service. Even haircuts are unimportant, as long as you keep the spaghetti out of the machinery.

* * *

This does a couple of things for me. Even if the trial period doesn't work out, for whatever reason, it'll be a couple weeks' worth of pay--assuming they pay me the figure we discussed at the interview, that'll take care of the next health insurance payment, and a month's worth of groceries, so that's fine.

And if it does work out--well. I have to get an apartment down there with Internet access, and find ways to do a bunch of other things, and help my siblings get the house ready for sale and-and-and.


I knew that getting a job would cause as many problems as it solved. Well, that's life.

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