atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2641: Man, I'm just messed up.

I fell asleep around midnight because I was just too tired to stay awake, and nothing sounded fun anyway.

...woke up at 3. WTF.

Anyway, mainly it was because I was hungry. Dinner last night was KFC, and I did what I did the last time: got the "two breasts and wings" meal, which is essentially two fill-up boxes minus one biscuit. I don't really save any money that way, but leftovers are almost always good. (As long as you don't leave them too long.)

So after playing 20 hands of solitaire, I got the leftovers and ate them. And now I feel like going back to bed; so what am I doing here?

Well, I had this interesting dream. The first part was a Bosom Buddies scenario, where me and a friend had to dress in drag in order to get into a place we couldn't otherwise go. There was some kind of talk or seminar he wanted to attend, but it was being held at a girls' school. No idea why I had to go with him. Anyway, we had to be careful because the place was run by matrons who were really strict.

I've never dressed as a girl for Halloween (or any other reason) so don't ask me WTF it means.

Part of it was to get this cat that was my cat Luna's brother. He'd been in time-freeze or something and we rescued him, and I was thinking about how cool it was that I had Luna's brother and he was only about a year old. (Luna was born in 1998.)

The second part--

I was the Doctor's assistant. I think I was actually female in that part of the dream, and I was just pretending to be someone I wasn't--some rich politician's daughter--and the main part of the dream centered on getting me legal ID so I could accompany the Doctor around whatever installation we'd found ourselves in. Only (of course) just after we arrived there some serious badass was getting up to no good, and we were going to have to stop him.

It was weird, but it was kind of nice to be someone completely different than me. In the second part, I wasn't "Ed in different clothes" but "not-Ed", and it was pretty refreshing.

How sad is that?

* * *

As for what it does mean, it probably means I've been watching too damn much anime. Motto ToLoveRu has a vignette where the main character is briefly turned into a girl; it builds on an earlier story where it happened accidentally, but in this one Lala does it to him on purpose. See, Rito's monkey-like friend Saruyama fell in love with the female version of Rito the last time, and Lala's an alien, so she decides to give Saruyama a chance to have a date with--

...I can't even remember the name Rito came up with for himself. It doesn't matter.

Ranma 1/2 was the first modern anime series I liked ("modern" in this context meaning "made about the same year I watched it", as I'd previously liked Speed Racer and Star Blazers) and of course it's about a young man who's fallen under an ancient Chinese curse: splash him with cold water and he turns into a girl. His father turns into a panda, and other characters are under similar curses.

Prior to that series, there wasn't a heck of a lot of that kind of thing going on in anime. After that, however, gender-bender stories became a lot more common. There's a character in Motto ToLoveRu who switches between male and female whenever he sneezes, for example, and the manga series Futaba-kun Change! was about a young lad who was (it turned out) a member of a race of aliens who change sexes when they get "excited".

The Japanese are weird; and they're dragging me down with them. *sigh*

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