atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2647: Erza hotness and the denouement of the "rad poisoning" dream I had

The Erza Hawtness Slideshow! With a bonus "Erza being a cute girl about 14-ish" shot at the end.

Or you can just go to the album to look at individual pics.

* * *

So I had that dream about dying of radiation poisoning only at the last minute I was saved by having sex with a cute blonde girl?

Today I saw her, the girl in my dream that cured my radiation poisoning. She works at the McDonald's I ususally go to.

It happens very, very seldom that my brain picks a real-world person to be--for example--"girl who saved me from rad poisoning by having sex with me" in a dream. At least, it's unusual for it to be someone I don't remember seeing. Most of the time, in the dream I'll think, "Oh, that's that girl from such-and-such" and not think anything of it. Not this time! This time, I had to see her again before realizing a real-world model had been used.

No I didn't say anything. Great Christ: "Hey, I had this dream about you...!" Give me a break. She's in her 20s and I'm this big fat unshaven middle-aged man. And I'm not even driving a Ferrari, which might make up for the "fat unshaven middle-aged" part.

Besides, she wasn't really all that hot.

* * *

All I did today (other than go to McDonald's for a bacon mofo with a side order of my id humiliating me) was sleep. I don't even know why; I had no energy or motivation. I got up and fed the cats and had a peanut butter sandwich around noon, and tried to remain awake, but couldn't.

Well...this job thing, if it works out, will do for that crap.

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