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#2651: The grilled-cheese gourmet

[Cue the whimsical classical music.]

When I went shopping yesterday I hit the deli for ham and cheese. The deli price on both is better than the prepackaged price; I was (again) able to get a pound of ham for what half a pound cost in the lunchmeat section.

I considered getting more of the buffalo cheddar, but right above it was cheddar with horseradish, so I got a quarter-pound of that, instead.

Then, while I was buttering the bread, I thought, Let's try sprinkling on some garlic powder!

I am ready to report the results of the experiment.

The horseradish cheddar: the horseradish flavor is barely detectable. I certainly could smell it when I took it out of the package; perhaps melting it does something, or else it can't compete with a slice of cojack and two slices of ham. Maybe I'll try making one with two slices of this cheese next time, and see if that helps.

The garlic powder: this was a neat variation and it made the sandwich taste extra-good, though it also made it harder for me to tell when the sandwich was finished cooking, and led to lots of extra crumbs.

Maybe I should open a restaurant.

* * *

"Whimsical classical music"--

Back in the days when I was still between high school and college, there was some show I watched on PBS relatively early in the afternoon, and after that The Frugal Gourmet was on. The thing that got my attention was the piece of classical music his show used as a theme song; I liked it a lot, though I never learned what the name of the piece was.

That's the first version; the second one was the version I liked better, performed with horns rather than by a string quartet. The show was good; it's a shame the guy had to be accused of being a pedophile and a sexual harasser. (Wikipedia sez "he was never charged with a crime". If there isn't enough evidence to charge someone, there isn't enough evidence to condemn him for being a pedo.)

Julia Child's show, The French Chef, had a couple of themes, but apparently finding that Frugal Gourmet OP was the limit of my YouTube-Fu for tonight. The second theme for her show was this kind of tottering oboe piece.

(No idea if Julia Child was ever accused of sexual harassment, but I don't think she was. She did, on the other hand, work as a spy during WW2.)

* * *

WORM has an anecdote about how we discovered that our houses were filled with radon and we're all going to die from all the radiation that radon is pumping into our lungs EVEN AS I TYPE THIS!!!11.

* * *

Former anti-nuker discovers something about anti-nukers:
Failing to provide sources, refuting data with anecdote, cherry-picking studies, scorning the scientific consensus, invoking a cover-up to explain it: all this is horribly familiar. These are the habits of climate change deniers, against which the green movement has struggled valiantly, calling science to its aid. It is distressing to discover that when the facts don’t suit them, members of this movement resort to the follies they have denounced.
That's because Mr. Monbiot has not yet realized that the eco-nazis do the same things with "climate change" as they do with anything else they hate. The facts don't matter; they'll make up facts to suit their agenda.

Since this guy realized this to be the case with regards to nuclear power, it's only a matter of time before he realizes that the whole damned movement does exactly the same thing.

Sorry, Mr. Monbiot, but we "climate change deniers" have science on our side. Mostly because the stuff being done by the pro-warming guys is crap, the same kind of crap you're denouncing in your post.

* * *

I just finished downloading the Kimi ni Todoke movie. Hoody hoo, etc.

I also got--today--the Fairy Tail OST pack from BakaBT, and damn that is some good music. A few tracks gave me goosebumps.

It seems to me that a lot of the series I end up really liking have damn good music to go with them. It's not an indicator, because it's easily falsifiable, but it's true more often than not.

More than anything, the music (particularly the BGM) is an indicator for the quality of the production. That's how I knew that Tenchi Muyo: In Love was going to kick ass two months before it was released in the United States: I heard the first three notes of the first track on the OST.

(At the time, I had a 13" color TV in my room. I borrowed my Dad's 20" TV from his room to watch it when it came out; also I set up the surround system for maximum awesome. I bought it on laserdisk, so I got to see every last damn detail in the artwork, too.)

There are plenty of excellent series which have crappy music, though the best of the best always have good music.

Some not-so-great series have excellent music. Vampire Princess Miyu, for example; the music's better than the series is. The story only ends up working because the music sets the tone so effectively. (It's horror, primarily the rather cerebral "that person is boned forever" kind of horror. It relies on hopelessness rather than gore.)

The Oh! My Goddess! OVA series--the music for that was perfect and it still shines as the example to which other anime should aspire. (IMHO.) The OP and ED themes were decent, but it's the BGM which really shines. It's not even that the music is the Platonic ideal of music--it's not--but that it does such an excellent job of capturing the feel of the series and enhancing it. The music is perfect because it's the right music for the show.

Just as an example, "Sexy Dynamite Pt. II": those first seven notes played on a saxophone present Urd's personality perfectly.

Bad: Cowboy Bebop.

"HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT??" You might say, standing up and clenching a fist in outrage. I know, I'm bad...but it's how I feel. There's nothing wrong with Yoko Kanno's work but I didn't like the music in Cowboy Bebop. I didn't think it enhanced the feeling of the series at all; in fact I found it to be distracting. That's the worst thing BGM can do: detract from the viewer's experience of the series. The best BGM is one the viewer doesn't consciously hear, but recognizes the instant he hears it from the OST CD: "Oh! That's the scene where...."

As for Fairy Tail, the "Fairy Tail Main Theme" kind of reminds me of something by 12 Girls' Band, but it's a damn good track. I got the most goosebumps from that one.

* * *

More and more, I'm giving thought to making a home-brew FT t-shirt or two. Just a simple single color FT emblem, printed on transfer paper with the inkjet and then ironed on.

Just a matter of getting new ink carts for the printer, finding the t-shirt transfer paper, buying a t-shirt or two, finding the iron and ironing board, and then putting it all together....

* * *

I need to get working soon, because I've got a hankering to lay my hands on some manga, dang it.

Kimi ni Todoke has at least two volumes out now that I haven't read. I want to continue with Ichigo 100%. Haruhi Suzumiya has to have at least one new volume out by now. And I need to start collecting Maid-sama and Fairy Tail. There are eight and twelve volumes out, respectively, and I need them.


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