atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2653: NATO out of Libya!

The rebels want NATO out of Libya after NATO drops more bombs on rebels.

It's so hard to tell combatants apart from 50,000 feet....

Bad war, bad plan, bad execution.

* * *

Yeah, that AP article I linked in the last post, the one from which I blockquoted Obama's energy policy bullshit?

AP edited it to get rid of Obama's quote about buying a new car.

Hot Air's got the video of Obama saying it.

AP once again proves it's in the tank for Democrats. As if we needed more proof.

* * *

Ormus (the original one, on Aggramar) hit 78th level last night. I'm running quests in Zul'Drak and hitting instances, and it seems to be doing well for me. This makes old Ormus my #2 character now; the revised list:

Amaleni 85
Ormus 78
Scythandra 77
Victoria 71

...and then descending from there.

I have to wonder what level Mount Hyjal is meant for; I'm going to try taking Ormus there rather than do Vash'jir again. All that underwater stuff is a royal pain.

Oh well. Could be worse.

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