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#2658: There was something else....

...but I'll be switched if I can remember what it was.

I sat down here to post a bit about recycling nuclear fuel (which turned into a huge essay) and something else; but the "something else" was struck from my mind when I noticed that I'd mis-numbered the last dozen or so posts.

Yeah, starting at #2642, I spoonerized the number into #2462, and went on sequentially from there.


So after correcting the numbers, I realized that the other, non-nuclear bit had been pushed out of my brain.

* * *

Just now, there was a vague knock at the front door, and it turned out to be a guy from TruGreen trying to sell lawn service.

I ought to put up a "no solicitors" sign, I suppose.

...I interrupted his spiel before he could get started and told him I'm not interested. He looked a little annoyed at that. Sorry, pal; I know you're just doing your job, but even if I did have the money to spend on your service, I'm not in the market for anything of the sort.

We had ChemLawn treating our lawn for a couple of years. It worked fine as long as it rained; but then we got to 1988, which was nearly a record-breaking drought year. Even though the rain stopped falling, they kept spraying; we ended up with crispy brown grass. No thank you.

As for him being annoyed--dude, when you knocked, I was sitting here in my underwear. Just be grateful that I bothered to put on pants before answering the door.

* * *

So besides calling the paralegal guy about that bill that had fallen through the cracks, I also made a bunch of other phone calls I'd been putting off. (Mainly because I've been sleeping during the day.)


1) scheduled a "furnace tune-up" which the bunker needs in order to keep the warranty on the furnace
2) scheduled a time to get Mom's taxes done
3) returned a phone call from the wife of one of Dad's friends, who wanted my aunt and uncle's address

The guy at the tax place was busy when I called, so I had to wait for him to call me back--but that wasn't a problem, anyway.

That bill that fell through the cracks--it's something I've been putting off dealing with, so it's my own damn fault, and I could have had this done with months ago if I'd been less of a slug about it. With interest and such it's not something I can pay off immediately, but they'll take $100 per month until it's paid. (And in fact I can call them again later and say, "Hey, take the rest now!" So hopefully that job in Rantoul will work out.)

I'm grateful it wasn't the student loan stuff. I still have to deal with that, but if it can just wait until I'm gainfully employed, then I can start funneling money into paying that off.

I seem to have regained my equilibrium even if I haven't returned to the level of cheerful optimism I'd reac--

No, I can't let that slide. I suppose my attitude yesterday morning was closer to "cheerful optimism" than I've been in years, but it's about like saying you're closer to the summit of Mount Everest because you climbed out of the water and onto the beach. So let me try again:

I seem to have regained my equilibrium even if I haven't managed to struggle back to the level of not quite dreading the future, which is where I was at yesterday morning.

...yeah, that's better. Meaning "more accurate".

* * *

Once the business was dealt with, I happily went to bed and slept for a few hours. And in fact I'm going back to bed in just a few minutes.

After my shower and McSkillet, I played WoW for a while and finished the "Drakkari Gods" quest chain in Zul'Drak--all but the last quest, the one that requires that you get help from other players.

The neat thing about the Cata revamp of quests is how they got rid of that: "Run all these quests, and then you need to form a group to finish it! Ha, ha!" That always was a royal pain in the ass; the quest chains in basic WoW no longer do that. A lot of the elite monsters have been removed, too. It makes leveling less of a pain, and it makes it more fun when you don't have to stop near the end of a chain and get help to finish it.

But this was only done to Azeroth; not Outland and not Northrend. So once you're past level 60, it's back to the old way. That's really not as bad as it sounds, but the new way is definitely better.

Ormus is 78th level; I tried going to Mount Hyjal and got killed by the first monster I encountered. It was an 81st level basilisk. Normally a 3-level difference is not fatal; you might not be in the best of shape after the fight, but you certainly ought to be able to live.

Not so here; so it's back to Northrend to grind some more, until Ormus hits 80th. *sigh*

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