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#2668: More economics, more doom and gloom.

If you use the inflation standards of the 1970s, inflation is running along at just under 10%.

If you use the standards of the 1980s, it's around 5.5%.

"Though not yet commonly recognized, there is both an intensifying double-dip recession and a rapidly escalating inflation problem."

It really is the Carter years all over again.

* * *

Ace of Spades has a post about the debt ceiling, which is "the next big fight".

Prediction: GOP caves in like a house of cards in a typhoon, exactly the same way it did on cutting spending.

* * *

Meanwhile, the Democrats would much rather raise taxes than do anything else.

Cut spending? Why, there isn't anything that can be cut! All the spending is essential!


* * *

Fledgling true-color holographic displays. It's still in its infancy, but it's a way to make true-color holograms that can be seen from a variety of angles; and it looks like the technology could be developed to make for full-motion video.

(I don't want to think about how much bandwidth full-motion holoscopic video would consume. Shit.)

* * *

Photobucket is still down. Oh, not for everyone, oh no!

"The Photobucket team" has this to say:
Sorry for the inconvenience. We're in the middle of resolving an issue that affects a small percentage of our users. Rest assured your photos are safe, and we're working hard to get it fixed ASAP.

The estimated time to get this completed is approximately the end of today (04/12/11), 11 pm EDT. We apologize sincerely for the error, and we understand the problems this creates.
IT'S FREAKIN' APRIL 13 NOW YOU IDIOTS. No explanation is given as to what the problem is, nor why it only affects a "small percentage" of users.

More than 24 hours of downtime ought to come with some kind of detail on why.

* * *

Over at BakaBT they had the complete Umisho manga, so I grabbed it; and I've been reading it over the past couple of days. It's pretty good; I suppose that goes without saying since the anime was pretty good.

The anime, however, appears only to cover through about volume 3 of the manga; and at that there were some little side stories in the manga which didn't make it into the anime.

* * *

I need to run errands today, of course. The Jeep's low on gas, so I'm going to need to grab some money out of the bank to fill the tank; and I need a haircut and I need to pay car insurance and-and-and. I probably won't make it to Charter One or to SuperCuts today, worse luck, because I only slept until 3 AM and have been awake since.

Well, WTF; at least things are getting done, even if they're getting done slowly.

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