atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#267: Girls' High, second glance

So far I'm liking it, and I've seen it through episode 3.

This series goes beyond being a fan service vehicle, though. I think some of the "raunchy" opinions come from thinking of this as merely fan service when in fact I think it's probably closer to being "soft-hentai". You don't see any real nudity in the show (at least not as far as the end of episode 3) but the situations are pervy enough to qualify. Still, I've had plenty of good laughs from this stuff. Far from it being a "train wreck" or "pointless raunch-fest" I think it's rather entertaining stuff.

There is even some character development going on, which is also welcome; the series is about high school girls who are trying to come to terms with impending adulthood and it seems actually to move forward with that theme.

* * *

Valentine's Day

I have never liked Valentine's Day. Never, never, ever. I have had a girlfriend for exactly six Valentine's Days, and even when I had girlfriends it was still worthless.

After I got into anime I had the perfect antidote to the Valentine's Day blues:

Kimagure Orange Road Movie: I Want to Return to That Day

Watch that movie and it will show you in no uncertain terms why you are so much better off without a girlfriend.

The movie (I just call it the "KOR final movie") deals with the resolution of the love triangle which drove the entire series. Kyousuke finally breaks up with the annoying whiny bitch-from-hell Hikaru, and devotes himself to the utterly hot Madoka.

Hikaru does not let go, and she turns an ordinary break-up into something horrible for all three of them. That, at least, is realistic, actually--all three of them are friends and there's no way those friendships could survive something like that. But Hikaru ends up being such an utter whiny pain-in-the-ass about it that the unattached guy watching the movie thinks, "God damn! Look what I'm missing--NOT! Thank God I don't have to worry about this!"

It really does make you feel better.

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