atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2669: Oh yeah, I knew it! I knew it!

Listening to Limbaugh while running my errands--

Boehner is now talking down the idea of establishing a hard limit to federal spending by refusing to raise the debt limit! He's talking about caving on that!

The reason he gives: well, we don't want to have the rest of the world start thinking the United States can't pay it's bills, because that would diminish the US and make business harder to conduct, and amalgam fishtank courier furniture gutbag.

The reason for the budget deal? Well, we don't want to expend all our political capital on a few tens of billions blah blah blah.

Limbaugh predicts that when the Ryan budget fight comes around, the excuse will be, "Well, we don't have the White House and we expect President Obama to veto our budget, so what we really need to concentrate on now is winning the White House, and once we've got the White House then we'll do the Ryan budget."

Limbaugh: "I guarantee it! No, I don't guarantee it, but--:

Me: "You can guarantee it! That's what they'll do!"

Hell of a thing when you can't have any faith in your political party. WTF.

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