atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2671: Well, Photobucket ALMOST works.

I can access my account again, but I can't upload anything. It keeps bombing to an error, saying "invalid format". I'm submitting a JPG; it shouldn't have any trouble with that.

So the post about Mitt Romney is still incomplete.

* * *

Old Ormus is within 10% of 83rd level, and has completed most of the quests on Mount Hyjal. The basilisks which killed him dead in seconds when I tried going there at level 78 now present no trouble whatsoever for him.

I actually have gotten to the point of thinking, "WTF, can we just be done with this freakin' zone already?" But that might be fatigue talking; I've been up since 3 AM.

On the plus side, I got the Jeep's insurance taken care of, and I did some shopping: Walt's had Pepsi products on sale, 4 for $9 with a coupon. That's a six-pack of Pepsi for $2.25 plus tax, so I grabbed it.

I also picked up chicken breasts ($2 per pound) and ended up having lemon-pepper chicken for dinner. It was pretty good. This time I perforated the chicken breast with a fork before putting it in to marinate, and it came out very tasty.

Broccoli, garlic mashed potatos--the latter were made in the microwave, and came out pretty well--completed the meal.

I also bought a chuck roast, which will be cubed tomorrow morning and put into the crock pot to make beef stroganoff.

* * *

In between everything else today, I read the entirety of the Umisho manga.

When I was watching the anime I had a feeling we weren't seeing the entire story; the anime has kind of a rushed, incomplete feeling. It really needed to be 26 eps at least.

I said that the anime only covered through volume 3, but really it went to partway through volume 5, and took elements from the further volumes. The manga presents a much more complete story, and includes a lot of fun extra things that there simply were not time for in the anime.

One really fun element the anime excluded was Mirei Shizuoka's parents. Having seen her parents, now I understand completely how she can be the way she is. It only makes me love her more, though.

* * *

The Mitt Romney post now works.

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