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#2673: The anime playlist

It's been a few days since I last watched anything. In fact, Sunday was the last session.

Today's playlist:
Rio-Rainbow Gate
Infinte Stratos
Kaichou wa Maid-sama
Fairy Tail
Kimi ni Todoke s2
As promised, Rio--Rainbow Gate is pretty stupid--that much is obvious even after only one ep--but the fan service is good. Pururuun for the win!

Infinite Stratos looks like it might be pretty entertaining.

Maid-sama I have discussed before and I'm about 60% of the way through it.

Fairy Tail continues the Erza-centric arc (which is probably better referred to as the "Paradise Tower" arc).


First, watching the first episode (ep 1, I mean, not "ep 0", which was all about Kurumi) felt like I was spending time with old friends. Second, I was smiling throughout it, just like with the first season.

WHY did they only do 12 episodes? Whaa.

* * *

Today was pretty frustrating.

After I got Mom's taxes done, I came home and sent my brother and sisters an e-mail about the situation. Nobody bothers to reply to my e-mail or call or anything for four days; and then suddenly it's a big emergency and I have to drive up to my brother's place this weekend to pick up a check so we can pay the taxes on time.

And I'm the bad guy when I suggest that my brother or sister in law go to their bank and do a wire transfer, instead of making me waste four hours and $50 in gasoline.


* * *

Well, I made beef stroganoff, and I don't know WTF is the problem. It's just not as good as it was the first few times I made it. I made it correctly this time (following the recipe I got from wherever the hell it was) yet it came out...wrong. Not as good.

Then again, the crock pot is leaking water.

I don't mean the contents of the pot leak out; I mean that water is coming out of the thing's interior, and I don't understand how it got there. I never immersed the thing; I did fill it with water and let it soak for about five days--after the first time I made this stuff--in order to get some burned-on crap off the ceramic. But is glazed ceramic porous? Can water migrate through it?

When cooking, I use those disposable plastic liners that Reynolds makes, and they haven't leaked, so the liquid isn't coming from that.

Anyway, I guess that means that the crock pot is no longer all that good a crock pot, so I'll probably end up tossing it and getting a new one. if I don't have enough to worry about.

* * *

I was up this morning at 7:30; and I think I'm going to be hitting the hay relatively soon, because I'm feeling pretty tired.

After reading the last post's fretting about the new job, Og sent me a note which started, "You need to chill out." Well, I'm not taking Paxil and Xanax because I like drugs. Heh.

Anyway, around all the family bullshit and the other nonsense, I got Ormus past the 83rd level mark, and got a nifty ring from the guild bank for 200 GP that has some nice bonuses.

* * *

So while looking for pictures of Erza I found this one:

Look at the image name: "Erza_enjoying_the_sunset_by_Zagtul.png".

The place I saw this posted, the guy who posted it ("Zagtul", I guess) said it took him 24 hours to create this image. I was impressed by how well this image matched the anime production character design for Erza.

...until I saw ep 33 of Fairy Tail and saw a pan cel that looked suspiciously identical to that image, only with a background. Sample:

In other words, the guy didn't create anything; all he did was do a screencap and then Photoshop out the background, and maybe alter the colors a bit.

It always bothers me when people take credit for creating something they basically lifted from someone else. It's not a bad job of Photoshopping; why can't he just say, "I screencapped this and cleaned it up"? (Also, somehow I doubt it took him 24 hours of work to make this image.)

For cripes' sake, if you're going to plagiarize something, can you at least not be so frickin' obvious about it? Jeeze.

* * *

Oh yeah, it's 8 PM and I'm fading fast. Time for bed, I guess.

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