atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2674: US carbon emissions at 1995 levels

Check out the last graph in this response to nonsense from Time magazine.

Meanwhile, US carbon emissions have fallen to 1995 levels. So why are we the climate bad guy? We've reduced our emissions! Isn't it China's turn?

* * *

Remember, last summer was "the summer of recovery". I'd guess that'll make this summer "the summer of the double-dip all the Democrats said was impossible."

The real reason I'm linking that post is the first line in the post, which is also a link: "Our current unfunded entitlement liabilities run about $100 trillion."

Unfunded mandates of $100 trillion (that's $100,000 billion) and the cuts Obama put forward might save 0.028% of that.

No one in power right now shows any signs of wanting to cut actual spending, not on either side; but this kind of thing is just insulting.

* * *

I guess the next thing that needs doing is for me to find out what it'll cost to get the sewer tile rodded out. Yesterday I'd look out the window of the front bedroom every time I flushed the toilet, and finally I saw water flowing out from under the fake rock--meaning that it's coming out fairly often, probably any time I flush the toilet more than once per hour.


Predictably, the grass is growing like mad around the fake rock.

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