atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2676: Maybe you ought to stop reading your own press releases, Boss Tweek

Obama sez, "Raise debt ceiling or risk global recession". UPDATE, 6 PM: AP has changed the article so that it no longer says that.

We're already there, Tweek-a-troid. We've been there all along. The US GDP has only risen because of government spending and reduced imports, not because our domestic production is actually increasing.

Unemployment is high, inflation is high, the deficit and debt are skyrocketing, and you and your cronies all want to raise taxes.

Meanwhile, half the Eurozone is defaulting on its national debts, and the other half is scrambling to find ways to pay for it.

Obama certainly wasn't worried about "global recession" in 2006 when he voted against raising the debt limit. In 2006 he was worried about the deficit! He was worried about the national debt! What's changed since then? Huh?

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