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#2677: At least I don't have to drive 200 miles.

So my sister-in-law just sent an e-mail saying they'll overnight the check to me. That seems less convenient and more expensive than doing a wire transfer, but whatev. See post title.

* * *

Watching the Powerblock right now, and it again occurs to me how convenient roller cams are.

With a flat-tappet cam, you have to put assembly lube on the thing when you install it. But a roller cam, you just oil it with engine oil.

The other thing--

Extreme 4x4 did a series I only got to see the very beginning and very end of, where they took a military surplus deuce-and-a-half and turned it into a trail truck.

They cut one of the rear axles off and installed an air bag suspension in back, and did a bunch of other stuff; the result is a truck that's still big enough to haul a Suzuki Samurai in the custom bed and has a torque curve that won't quit.

Five thousand dollars, all told. Shit. I want one.

* * *

So there's a bunch of quests in Uldum that routinely kick Ormus' ass, and I was getting more and more frustrated.

Then I got to the "Gnomebliteration" quest, and my stress evaporated.

You see, in that quest, you take control of a fusion reactor and drive this massive flaming ball of death around the landscape in order to eradicate 1,000 insane gnomes. It's like a portable, self-propelled gnome holocaust, and it's awesome fun.

I kept going after I had 1,000 kills with it. When I went to turn in the quest, there was the option, "I think we need to have another go," so I clicked on that and went and killed more insane gnomes. I probably wiped out three or four thousand of them.

That's what those damn gnomes get for building all those stupid noisy machines, and for their careless use of nuclear power.

* * *

That "careless use" is what led to the ruin of Gnomeregan, after all.

* * *

Windows Update wants to restart my machine. *sigh*

I had a gander at the Gateway web site the other day, and found that they've got a machine with an i7 processor for $900.

And I think, "Yeah, that would do." My current machine (Cephiro) could then do duty as the torrent/TV server box; hook the machines up with a 1Gb switch and everything on Cephiro would be available to the i7 box.

8 cores, running at 3.5 GHz, ought to be enough computing power to last me a while.

* * *

Ep. 35 of Fairy Tail contained the first (and second) readily identifiable death in the series.

Up to 35, I hadn't seen anyone actually die in the series. None of the members of Fairy Tail have killed anyone, and they've done a pretty good job of keeping the bad guys from killing any people, at least where the viewer could see. But in ep 35, we see an old man get killed protecting 10-year-old Erza from bad guys--he crumbles into dust as he uses up the last of his magic--and then we see another bad guy get basically disintegrated by an even worse bad guy. He pops like a balloon and disappears.

(I suppose, technically, the death of Lisanna was the first--it'd be a spoiler to describe too much of the scene--but we don't see her die; we just see her get hit really hard.)

Oh well.

The series is continuing to kick all kinds of ass.

* * *

I faded out last night before Smallville came on, so I set the machine to tape it. Life goes on.

* * *

The major task for this week is for me to get the basement cleaned up as much as is possible. After this week, I don't expect to have much free time. Heh.

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