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#2680: It's got me wanting to draw again.

Kimi ni Todoke, the second season--I was just watching ep 3, and was in a hurry for it to be over (!) so I could haul out the notebook and do some drawing. WTF.

Problem: I got up at 9 am, and I'm starting to fade out. *sigh*

But KnT2 is good. It has a different flavor than the first series but it's not a bad difference; and anyway I expect it's just because there's a new storyline I haven't seen or read yet, and I don't know how it's going to play out. Maybe it's just because I'm not too thrilled with the new OP and ED themes.

* * *

I've been watching anime for 15 years, and somehow the bits of Japanese I've learned have started to synergize, so little by little I find myself sticking things together. This evening, as I watched ep 3 of Infinite Stratos I paused the playback so I could look at a lunch menu. One of the items offered was "tempura udon", with the first syllable provided by kanji--and I didn't need to read the rest of the word first and then backtrack, as I usuall do. I saw the kanji, read it "ten", and then read the hiragana "PU RA U DO N" and came up with "tempura udon".

That would have been more of a triumph if there hadn't been a pasta dish, spelled entirely in katakana, that I could not decipher. You win some, you lose some.

Perhaps by the time I'm 50 (assuming I keep watching anime that long) I'll learn enough Japanese through osmosis that it'll all reach critical mass, and I'll understand it.

But to practice my mastery (such as it is) of kanji, I've been trying to read names in the end credits of things. That helps, too.

* * *

I ended up going to Pizza Hut for one of their stuffed crust pizzas. What a charlie-foxtrot that was.

I ordered it on-line, and when I got there they had no record of it. The guy behind the counter expedited one for me (and gave me a free 2-liter of Pepsi on top of it) so I only had to wait about 15 minutes, but it was still a little irritating.

I was worried that I'd accidentally sent my order to the Schererville location, rather than the Matteson one; I checked it first thing when I got home and--sure enough--it had been ordered at the Matteson location, which was right. Therefore, somehow their system screwed up.

Anyway, I fired the machine back up and watched anime and ate pizza--too much pizza, because I now feel kind of bloated and cruddy. And there are five slices left, big ones. I have a feeling I'm going to be throwing some of this away; a large really is too much food for one guy. Even a fatass like me.

* * *

This time next week, I'll be preparing for my first day of work since July 31, 2009. Wow.

* * *

I have a feeling that I'm not going to draw much before I go face-down. When I came over here to post and stuff, I actually was thinking of logging back into WoW and playing some more--but now I think I'm just going to brush teeth, wash face, take pills, and lay down. I didn't even do anything today.

It's looking like I'll be cutting the grass for the first time this week, though. I had a gander at the back yard this afternoon and realized that the "east 40" is tall enough to need cutting, and the front yard looks like it could use it, too. So I suppose that means my Monday is all planned out for me.


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