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#2682: Yard work and WoW!

I got the grass cut today. I'll say that much.

I got the tractor out and fueled; in the process I decided I need more clothes and put a long-sleeve thermal shirt on. So it went thermal shirt, henley, hoodie; and while I still wasn't warm I wasn't freezing to death. I was merely uncomfortable.

It's not that it was particularly cold; it's just that the wind was from the northeast and it was a fell wind, let me tell you. That and cloudy sky made for a chilly chore.

But I got the grass cut. It can rain all damn week if it wants to.

* * *

I came inside and started playing WoW. Ormus finally hit 85th, and I did some other things; finally late this afternoon I decided to farm reputation, and headed out for some lowbie dungeons.

I did Scholomance and Stratholme; and then I ducked into the Stormwind Stockade to get the last few repuation points I needed for my rep with Darnassus. Having achieved "exalted" with Darn, Ormus had five "exalted" reputations, which earned him the title of "Ambassador".

Feeling cocky, I soloed Upper Blackrock Spire (UBS). And in the process I somehow ended up soloing Lower Blackrock Spire, too. (I had no idea those two instances were connected!) I got the "Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeroy!" achievement for killing 50 rookery whelps in 15 seconds--earning Ormus the ability to run around with the name "Ormus Jenkins" over his head--and I laughed until tears came; then I got the spider and worg pup vanity pets!

Ormus is the first toon of mine which has actually managed to complete UBS, too. Every other time I've tried it--ever--the group has fallen apart before the instance was complete. For me to have a toon complete that and LBS is quite literally unprecedented.

I only had to get powerful enough to solo it. Not like it was hard or anything....

So now it's nearly 10 PM, and I'm worn out. I played WoW a lot today. Of course, this time next week I won't have much time for anything other than work, eat, sleep.

* * *

Hmm--food today was leftover pizza and leftover au-gratin-potatos-with-beef. In fact, I haven't had McDonald's for a few days now; I'm trying to remember the last time I had that and I'm drawing a blank, which means it's been a significant amount of time, for me.


* * *

Because I spent my day on WoW, there was no time for anime, and I'm too tired to push it. Besides, I'd like to continue this trend of going to bed around 9-10 PM and getting up in the morning, because next week blah blah blah, etcetera.

I didn't end up drawing anything yesterday, though, and it looks like I won't be drawing anything today, either. I noticed, though, that Chicory has just about filled up one 80-page notebook, only because I put a blank page between each layout page in order to make it easier to scan. (Having a blank page between pages keeps the next page from bleeding through.)

I'm mulling how to finish the scene where Kurata-sensei (soaking in the onsen) tells Subaru about chicory in coffee. There has to be a bit of dialogue connecting that with the bitterness of Subaru's life, and the things that make it less so for her, and I've got a bunch of different ways I can do it; the problem is I don't like any of them.

Probably the best thing is for Kurata-sensei to point out that there are good things in Subaru's life right now, and that she should think about that and figure out "what parts are chicory".

...urgh. That doesn't sound good, either. Well, I guess I'll think of something.

I really think this story is worth the angst, though. In fact, it deserves to be drawn by someone who knows WTF he's doing, and that's decidedly not me, but I'm the only artist I have available.

Oh well.

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