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#2683: April showers

...which is good, because she'd smell pretty bad if she never bathed. *rimshot*

Rainy day today, as predicted by the weather forecasts. Cold, too, just like yesterday. It's typical early spring weather. We need these long, dreary, soaking rains, because that's how crops get through the dry spells in summer.

* * *

Inflation in China! The article paraphrases a source as saying, "Beijing is engaged in an economic tug of war, trying to encourage sustainable growth while struggling to control inflation." China's economic growth is already in the "unsustainable" regime, because the commies are keeping the yuan's value artificially low versus the dollar.

* * *

University of Texas buys $1 billion in gold. Why? What could possibly be the motivation for this move?

* * *

Serrano's seminal work vandalized. A gang severely damaged the photograph of a crucifix in a jar of urine.

(Other "art" by Serrano includes a picture of a white man urinating in a black man's mouth. This is what "fine art" is today: gay watersports pron. Yeah.)

The linked article says this:
He said there was a climate of tension, with protesters insulting museum staff of north African origin. One guard said he heard: "I'm going to pour donkey piss on the Qur'an."
Do you know what "north African origin" is code for? ARABIC MUSLIMS.

* * *

Also at Ace: 2012 will not be like 2008.
Obama does not do well when challenged, whether by people or circumstances. One can hardly blame him; he's hardly had to face any challenges in his life and so he's never developed the coping skills most people pick up by their early teens. Although previously praised for having a "first class temperament" and preternatural cool, he doesn't -- almost everyone can appear charming and even masterful in easy situations.

I never lose my cool when buying coffee at Dunkin Donuts, for example. I don't get angry or seem desperate. Because... it's not a difficult situation to face.
How can I blog about any of this stuff when people are all saying so well the things I want to say?

* * *

I got this link from Og; and anyone who reads the Fungus probably has Og in his blogroll by now.

Chevy Volt that caught fire a few days ago caught fire again. The same one.

The owner of that car also had a Suzuki Samurai that had been converted to electric. *sigh* What a waste.

* * *

Michelle Malkin has a piece about DoJ and BATFE stonewalling over the "Project Gunwalker" attempt at finding an excuse to ban guns.

* * *

Brian Dunbar does some tab clearing and I had to comment about this link.

The story is that a man of hispanic descent took his kids to the Alamo and was teaching them about what happened there, and how the place stands for "courage and integrity". And some hyper-"educated" anglo douchebag started telling the guy about how the Alamo stood for the oppression of "his people".

...and the guy told the douchebag to STFU, because he's an American. Hoo-raw.

* * *

In 2000, the #2 guy managing Tech Pubs at R-C was quoted as saying he wanted to get rid of the "greybeards". At the time, I thought that was a short-sighted policy. That turns out to be the case.

It's always a bad idea to dump experienced workers and hire new ones solely because it looks cheaper on paper. It always looks like you'll save money, because your payroll will be smaller, but there are a bunch of hidden costs that don't show up until years later.

* * *

Iowahawk celebrates Earth Week. I do like those mid-70s Cadillac convertibles. There's a guy around here who has one, and he had a "for sale" sign on it last summer (asking price, $5,000) and it's beautiful.

Now that is a car that gets 8 MPG. Heh.

* * *

I've seen the price of gas as high as $4.25 around here. Are we ready to drill yet?

* * *

I need to get a shower and go to the bank, and all I really feel like doing is sitting here and playing WoW. *sigh*

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