atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2684: Another marathon WoW session

Tonight I ran Ormus through a few more lowbie instances and got him the "Classic Dungeonmaster" achievement.

It took longer than I'd hoped it would. Dire Maul was the last one I did, and that's actually three instances. Ormus obliterated everything in his path, and I even managed to make it a tribute run (where you don't kill certain bosses, so that when you complete the instance, you get extra swag from them) which bumped my bottom line just a little.

I got "artisan riding" for Ormus a few days ago, and he's already almost back to having 5,000 GP.

* * *

I went to the bank, then visited my aunt and uncle here in town; after that I went to McDonald's for a bacon mofo before coming home.

That was around 4:30; and I've been playing WoW since. Shit.

Won't be any anime tonight, though, because I'm pooped. I can't believe I did a WoW marathon two days in a row; then again, the stuff I've been doing is kind of fun even if it doesn't earn much money or anything. I'm actually going to go to Outland and try to finish some of the instances I haven't done there, but I don't know if Ormus is nifty enough to do them solo.

He ought to be; Dire Maul and Blackrock Spire are the hardest instances in Classic WoW and he had zero trouble with them. (Ditto for Scholomance and Stratholme.) The Outland instances might be challenging but should not be impossible.

But not tonight. I need to get up around 9 tomorrow morning to call the bank and check on the status of the wire transfer my sister-in-law did. *sigh*

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