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#2685: Mom would have gotten along with this woman.

70-year-old Spanish woman who gets around on a 2-wheeled scooter and learns languages with an iPod.

At 70 Mom could have kept up with this woman on her roller skates.

* * *

This would be an interesting story if the oceans were actually warming. That's the problem, though: they aren't.

And if you read the article, it's talking about one species of fish, and it's talking about a potential shift in habitat rather than an observed one.

Let me collect all that in one place: a potential shift of habitat in one species of fish.

This is typical of the evidence that's offered as "proof" of global warming. Yeah.

* * *

Why, those dastardly speculators! Obama sez they're raising gas prices again!

Sure, it has nothing whatsoever to do with Obama's anti-drilling policies. It has nothing to do with the Democrats' continued opposition to the exploitation of our domestic energy resources. It's all because of those dirty speculators!

* * *

Those dirty speculators are also raising the price of gold! It hit a record $1,500 per ounce this week, and it's all because those dot-rotted speculators!

* * *

CBS again shills for Democrats. They're keeping secret their tapes of Obama's corrosive remarks because they don't want Obama to get mad at them.

Maybe the next time there's a Republican in the White House, he ought to treat the press the way Obama does, and threaten to withhold access for people that say mean things. Of course, if a Republican did that, the press would be all over it, reporting it every night...instead of not saying a word about it, the way they do with Obama.

* * *

Here's a massive f-ing surprise: wind power is unreliable.

Well, how do you like that? Wind power is unreliable! If only someone had said something about wind power being unreliable, they could have saved all kinds of money on building windmills and put up a few nuclear power plants instead.

I mean--I just can't believe it! Who would have thought that sometimes the wind doesn't blow?

* * *

You don't need a big complicated machine to do this. All you need is the right Japanese schoolgirl.

* * *

Whoever "doubleace" is, he's a huge fucking moron. "Why you should love $5 gas"--less pollution! More family time! Fewer highway fatalities! Fewer wars!


* * *

I kind of wondered what happened to the DeGrassi franchise. Turns out it moved to MTV.

MTV had this program on that I watched for a while. I can't remember the name of it. It was a series about an ensemble of college-age kids and their sexual (mis)adventures. It was basically a slice-of-life drama and it was pretty entertaining, at least for the first season.

...until it was taken over by the gay characters.

At the beginning of the series, there was one gay guy and a lesbian, and that was okay. Then there was a gay guy, a bisexual guy, a lesbian, and a bisexual woman, and that was still kind of okay. Then there were two gay guys and one of the straight women decided she was a lesbian and-and-and; and by the time the second season was in full swing they spent more time on the homosexual plot arc than all the other arcs combined, so that the series was effectively all about the gays and lesbians. Which is fine, but it's not what I wanted to watch, so I stopped tuning in--and less than a year later, the series was no longer appearing on MTV, which seems to indicate I was not alone.

DeGrassi: The Next Generation was already trending that way when I stopped watching it. They had a couple gay guys but no lesbians, until one gay guy's sister decided to have a relationship with another girl; and that lesbian relationship was not covered with the same loving attention to detail the gay guys got. In fact, the only way you could tell the two girls were in a relationship was when one of them said so. No tender, longing gazes; no hand-holding; no nothing.

The series had already long since devolved into "who's sleeping with who this week", anyway. It had come a long way from its origins as a set of cautionary tales for adolescents, and not entirely in a good way. MTV picking it up is not surprising. And the increasing fraction of time given to gay-bi-whatev stories isn't, either, given that MTV is paying the bills now.

* * *

Urban exploration is one of those things that I would probably be more interested in doing if I were younger.

I may be too hidebound, but it just seems to me that it's not a game for a guy in his 40s, particularly not when he's a fat guy like me.

Between Failures even has a story arc that features urban exploration.

* * *

That "Fry's Electronics" ad I thought I got Sunday? Turns out it's CompUSA.

...I was looking at it and saw a list of locations on the back, and saw "Orland Park". I was excited...and then saw "CompUSA" above it. "Odd," I thought. "CompUSA is advertising locations in a Fry's circular? Did they merge...?" Looked at the front cover, saw "CompUSA" on the front--


After I finished laughing and wiped away the tears, I decided that the ad looks an awful lot like the Fry's ads I remember getting all those years ago.

I'm also starting to wonder about myself. This marks the second time this year that I've been completely mistaken about something solely because I failed to read all the words on it. (The "Democrat" crack comes from how Democrats can read "end illegal immigration" and then denounce people who want to "end immigration".)

It's nothing critical--I mean, it's a freakin' ad circular, not the operating instructions for a nuclear reactor--but it kind of bothers me that I missed seeing who the ad was for. This, coupled with the whole safe deposit box key imbroglio--has me a bit worried about my cognition.

Well, as long as I don't get violent, they won't put me away.

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